Pumpkillager's Quest

Pumpkillager's Quest


🎃 SpookyJam 2022: Help out the Pumpkillager! With custom encounters, rewards and a boss fight you'll get immersed in the story. Spawn him by breaking a pumpkin in this spooky scary Halloween style mod!

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Requires the library mod Collective.

The Pumpkillager

Pumpkillager's Quest is a SpookyJam 2022 submission. It adds a questline with multiple encounters, custom behaviours, (cosmetic) rewards and a challenging boss fight. This description will contain spoilers, but only after the <SPOILERS AHEAD> header.

The mod does not add new assets. Instead, content is added via existing vanilla resource capabilities. Custom player head textures add new blocks, a custom renderer morphs entity sizes and event callbacks are used for added gameplay features. This also means that if you desire, the mod can be removed after the quest. You'll still be able to keep and use all rewards given.

There is a 1/10 chance to encounter the Pumpkillager when harvesting a pumpkin block. The pumpkin block has to be surrounded with empty spaces in the directions NESW, and above it. This is to prevent him from spawning where he shouldn't (e.g. custom pumpkin buildings). The mod adds a chance for a pumpkin to generate whenever a pig spawns, this will sprinkle some extra pumpkins around the world. This increases the chance of coming across the Pumpkillager naturally.

Taking the questbook from the Pumpkillager will allow you to start the quest. Use multi-block rituals and conversations to advance. The boss fight will require you to be prepared, grab your best armour and a shield! Possibly some potions. Don't worry, you'll know when the fight will happen.

Most importantly, find yourself immersed and have fun! :)

( how do I configure? )
spumpkillagerSpawnChance (default = 0.1, min 0.001, max 1.0): The chance a Pumpkillager will spawn when a player breaks a pumpkin block.
enablePumpkillagerSpawnDuringCreative (default = false): Whether the Pumpkillager should spawn when pumpkins are broken while the player is in creative mode.
finalBossMaxHealth (default = 300.0, min 1.0 max 10000.0): The amount of health the final boss should have.
experienceAmountRewardFinalBoss (default = 250, min 0 max 10000): How much experience the final boss should drop on death.
chanceForPumpkinBlockToSpawnOnPigSpawn (default = 0.05, min 0 max 1.0): This is a feature to add more pumpkins to the world, to make people come across the Pumpkillager in a more natural way. Whenever a pig spawns, it has a chance to spawn on top of a pumpkin block. This will make them be sprinkled around the world. To turn it off, set the config chance value to 0.

/pumpkillager reset <player> - Resets the Pumpkillager progress for the target player.
/pumpkillager book <book> - Generates the quest book item manually.

The (first?) questbook:

The Pumpkillager:


Contains features to help you complete rituals:

Pumpkillager's Quest Guide

1. The first encounter with the Pumpkillager. He'll appear randomly after breaking a pumpkin that doesn't have any blocks surrounding it. You'll be given a quest book.


Reading the received book will show you how to complete the first ritual. You can right-click on the ground to see a glimpse of how to set it up.


After completing the first ritual, you'll come across the Pumpkillager again. Before he leaves, he'll drop a piece of paper containing coordinates to a prisoner camp.


When you go to those coordinates, you'll see the prisoner camp floating in the sky. You can use your preferred method of entering. There are also three water streams to get up easily.


Enter the prisoner camp. Be careful for the guards.


You can kill the guards, they'll drop their head on death.


Speak with the prisoner inside the tree. He'll tell you his real name. After the conversation, you'll be given a new book, a bow and some arrows.


Look around on the island to find some decoration heads and candles. You'll need the candles to complete the next ritual.


The book Jax o' Saturn has given you, contains instructions for another ritual. You can again click the book on the ground to see how to set it up.


Be prepared for a fight! Set up the ritual, make sure it's dark, and place the final pumpkin or light the final candle. You'll be confronted yet again by the Pumpkillager. Shoot the spectral arrow to weaken him. He'll spawn various waves of mobs, at the start, at 75% health, 50% health and 25% health.


Defeat him and reap your rewards! Congratulations, you've saved the world.



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