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Puzzle v1.6.2+1.20.6 for 1.20.6

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  • Port to 1.20.6
  • Update to 1.20.4
  • Re-Use MidnightConfig's list widget -> prettier background
  • Port to 1.20.2
  • Improve stability by skipping outdated compat entries
  • Update EMF integration
  • Vietnamese translation by @ImVietnam
  • Belarusian translation by @Gazmanovich

Fix crash without ModMenu

  • Update to 1.20
  • Fix version string behaving weirdly with ModMenu installed
  • Integration for CEM replaced with EMF
  • Port to 1.19.4
  • Overhaul the Puzzle Options screen
    • Categories are now displayed via tabs
  • Fix #50 (Splash screen logo being pixelated)
  • Add compatibility with Exordium
  • Brasilian translations by FITFC

Fix crash with newer ETF versions

Update to 1.19.3

Fixes crashing with newer 1.18 versions of the Entity Texture Features mod

  • Fixed #41 (ETF 4.0+ crashing) thanks to @Traben-0
  • Fixed #39 (Broken update checker)
  • Fixed slider widgets being broken
  • Fix Puzzle Advanced Config opening instead of Options Screen through ModMenu on 1.18
  • Compress images by @Madis0
  • Hide buttons when options are empty (Closes
  • More mod integrations (Closes
    • DynamicFPS
    • Borderless Mining
    • Colormatic
  • Added tooltips for all Puzzle options
  • Made everything translatable
  • Improve German translations
  • Add the ability to use custom splash screen background images placed in a resourcepack under "assets/minecraft/puzzle/splash_background.png"
  • Some more fixes regarding splash screen
  • Korean translations by @gyular
  • Updated Russian translations by @Felix14-v2
  • Only apply puzzle-splashscreen when needed (fixes Monochrome Logo option & Dark Loading Screen mod)
  • Fix crash due to old broken MidnightLib version (I should really stop rushing releases...)
  • Update to 1.19
  • Fix multiple bugs related to puzzle-splashscreen (Closes #32, #29)
  • Update integrations (Closes #27; Compatibility with both Continuity 1.x.x and 2.x.x)
  • Move puzzle icon to the right side when Distant Horizons is installed
  • Prefix mixin methods with "puzzle$" for easier debugging
  • Update german translations

Fix crash with CITResewn 1.0.0+

Fix #18 (Crash on MacOS) Fix #17 (Remove emissive module in favor of Entity Texture Features) Fix #13 (Show Puzzle version info keeps moving up with DashLoader installed) Russian translations by @Felix14-v2 German translations by @2020Sanoj

  • Use the new Iris API
  • Builtin mod support is now configurable
  • Puzzle button in Options screen can be disabled
  • Remove puzzle-blocks (Already covered by Continuity)

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