Realistic Bees

Realistic Bees


🐝 Tiny bees, or big! Bigger group spawns, increased hive space, stinger functionality and more.

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Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Realistic Bees is a mod which attempts to make bee behaviour more realistic without adding new items or objects to the game. Bees are 25% of their normal size. To make bees a little less uncommon, the mod also adds a config value (by default 4) which defines the extra amount of bees that spawn after each natural bee spawn. The bee hive can also hold more bees than Minecraft's default, changed from 3 to 20.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
beeSizeModifier (default = 0.25, min 0.01, max 5.0): This value determines the size of a bee. By default 0.25, which means they are 1/4th of their vanilla size. Set to 1.0 to disable the different bee size feature.

extraBeeSpawnsPerBee (default = 9, min 0, max 50): In order to make bees a little more common. Whenever a bee naturally spawns, the mod spawns an additional 'extraBeeSpawnsPerBee' bees.
beeHiveBeeSpace (default = 20, min 0, max 50): 
How many bees should be able to enter the hive in total. Minecraft's default is 3, but bees are a lot smaller so there should be more space.
preventBeeSuffocationDamage (default = true): The smaller (baby) bees can sometimes do something unexpected with their AI and get suffocation damage. Preventing this damage fixes them disappearing.

Tiny bees! --or bigger. Depending on the beeSizeModifier config:


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