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  • Fixed compatibility with Create Fabric 0.5.1.
  • Fixed flickering trims when not all equipped armor pieces are trimmed.
  • Fixed minor incompatibility with ImmediatelyFast.
  • Fixed compatibility with All The Trims.
  • Fixed clients using their local server config file for validity checks, causing setting changes not allowed by default to fail often.
  • Added some extra checks when receiving update packets from the client to prevent disconnects.
  • Fixed compatibility with Wildfire's Female Gender Mod's breastplate rendering.
  • Switched fabric dependency to fabric-api to be clearer to users.
  • Marked compatible with 1.20.1
  • Updated to 1.20
  • Mark the mod as server compatible, now it actually loads properly on dedicated servers.
  • Updated Russian translations to match new ui elements (courtesy of @Heimdallr-1)
  • Removed a transitive dependency creating conflicts with some mods using owo-lib
  • Made client-side configuration accessible in server mode in the form of "local overrides".
  • Fixed some misleading text in places.

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