This is a Minecraft mod that allows you to sit on a (customizable list of) block by right-clicking, and it also allows you to set various restrictions as for whether the player can sit.

Supports Minecraft 1.19 - 1.20 with the Fabric/Quilt modloader, can work purely server-side.


  • Customizable list of blocks you can sit on, including modded blocks.
  • You can prevent the player from sitting if:
    • The player would suffocate
    • The player's hand is not empty
    • The player is too far away (Configurable distance)
    • The seat block is higher than the player (Yes, no more teleporting to the village house ceiling)
    • A block is in the way between the player and the seat. (Useful for exhibition server to prevent people clipping into areas)

These can all be manually turned on/off or changed by editing the config file.


The config file is located in config/takeaseat.json, editable value as follows:

Full config list (Click to Open)
Key Description Default Value Type
allowedBlockId A list of block id that player can right click and sit on [] (Empty) String Array
allowedBlockTag A list of block tags that player can right click and sit on, see here for list ["minecraft:stairs", "minecraft:slabs"] String Array
stairsOffset Whether to put a offset to the player when sitting on a stairs so that they sits slightly more forward, does not work well with 90 degree turn stairs. false boolean
ensurePlayerWontSuffocate Do not allow player to sit if there's a suffocatable block on top.

Note that this only applies to suffocatable block, usually a full
1x1 block and not other non-suffocatable/solid block like stairs
or light block.
true boolean
mustBeEmptyHandToSit Whether the player must not be holding any item on both hand to sit. true boolean
blockMustBeLowerThanPlayer This ensures the block (seat) the player clicked must not be higher
than the player by at most 0.5 meter.

Useful to prevent player from climbing to house ceiling made with stairs.
true boolean
mustNotBeObstructed This further restricts player by ensuring no solid block exist between the
player and the seat. (Solid block implies the block must not have a collidable area)

This could create false positives,
sometimes requiring player to get closer to the seat before being able to sit, but is
useful on exhibition server that don't want visitors to sit on otherwise inaccessible areas.
false boolean
maxDistance Distance in block/meter that the player must get closer to before being able to sit

Value less than or equals to 0 means there's no max distance.
0 double


If you have any suggestions or bug report, don't hesitate to open an GitHub issue here!


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

You may also want to check out SvrUtil for some server commands and slight tweaks!

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