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The Lunar Undead or TLU for short, is a horror mod in which your goal is to become the Lunar King.

This mod is made as a submission for MCreative's Discord Modjam.

Main Features:

  • Lunar Undead mobs:

Most Undead mobs in-game have a 4% chance of spawning as a Lunar-Undead mob. Lunar Undead mobs are immune to fire and have resistance and strength buffs. They also move around faster and get stronger when it is a full moon night. Undead mobs that can spawn as Lunar-Undead: Zombies, Skeletons (All variants), Wither Skeletons, Phantoms, Zombie Piglins, and Zoglins. Killing a Lunar-Undead mob will drop Lunar Essence which is used for various recipes.

  • The Lunar Wraith and Lunar Peak:

Lunar Wraiths are mysterious, and will always spawn as a lunar-undead mob. Most of the time, they'd look translucent but if you catch them at the right time, they would become opaque and have a glowing effect. The time that Lunar Wraiths become opaque and glow is called a Lunar Peak, which is the Time in which it is midnight while it is a Full Moon. Lunar Wraiths are rare to find, so you don't have to worry about them too much. Lunar Invasions also exist, which have a 1% chance of occurring at the beginning of a full moon night. It makes a lot of undead mobs spawn as lunar undead (50% by default), makes players unable to sleep, and Lunar Undead mobs get even stronger and faster, like Lunar Peak.

  • The Mysterious Being-M:

Using the Lunar Essence gathered by killed lunar undead mobs, you could make Lunar Magma Blocks in a T-shaped golem pattern to summon a boss mob, which is called Being-M. You can only summon Being-M at a Lunar Peak and you can fight it up until right before Sunrise before it disappears while laughing. Being-M drops an item called "Lunar Energy Core", which is used to make Lunar Ingot.

  • Lunar King's Armor and Weapons:

Using the Lunar Ingot mentioned before, you can craft Lunar King's armor, Lunar King's Sword, and Lunar King's Dagger. The Lunar King's Dagger is used in the process of turning yourself into an Undead Player. You can use the dagger to inflict yourself with Lunar Curse, which if you get killed by an undead mob, you'd turn into an undead player which gives night vision, but makes you burn in Sunlight if not wearing any helmet cover. Burning to death as an Undead player will return you back to a normal player.

  • Awakening as a Lunar King:

As an undead player, you'd climb to the sky, with armor fit for a king in a Lunar Peak will turn you into a Lunar King. Awakening as a Lunar King will damage worn armor into having only 1 durability per piece of armor. As a Lunar King, you'd gain the same Lunar Powers as all other Lunar Undead mobs, but like Lunar Wraiths and Being-M, you'd also have a small chance of teleporting behind whoever attacked you.

  • Items and Anti-Lunar Potions:

These are all the ingredient and potion items in-game. There's also Anti-Lunar Potion. To craft that potion, you have to get Silvery Iron Ingot with Awkward Potion. The Anti-Lunar Potion can disable the resistance and strength buffs of Lunar-Undead mobs if applied to them, though it won't work on Lunar Kings and Being-M. You'd have to make a stronger version of the potion (Anti-Lunar II) in order to affect Lunar Kings and Being-M. The stronger version of the Anti-Lunar Potion can also inflict damage to lower-level Lunar Undead mobs, like zombies (must be a lunar undead), lunar wraiths, etc.

Questions & Answers:

Q1) Does this support versions 1.16.5 / 1.12.2 / 1.18.2 / 1.19.2?

A1) No, it doesn't.

Q2) When is the Fabric version?

A2) I'm sorry little one... (translation: no.)

Q3) Can I use it in a modpack?

A3) Sure, why not? It's free advertising.

Q4) Can I upload a let's play video on this mod?

A4) Sure, why not? It's free advertising. (2.0)

Q5) Where can I report bugs?

A5) Either leave it in the comments section or contact me on Discord.

Q6) Will there be updates?

A6) Probably there will be updates, but I won't promise anything.

Q7) What is the best strategy for dealing with Lunar Undead mobs?

A7) Avoid them until you get at least full iron gear, then you can start fighting them.

Q8) What game mode should I play first?

A8) I recommend playing survival mode for the best experience.

Q9) How do I craft XX item/block?

A9) Either discover them yourself or use mods like JEI.

Q10) Where is ALIT: Magitech?!

A10) ALIT: Magitech will come someday, just wait for now since it will be many times larger than ALIT: Sunlight Zombie.

Q11) How are you?

A11)  Bread 👍

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