Unforgiving Void

Unforgiving Void


Configurable behavior when you fall into the void - land in another dimension, fall from the sky, and more!

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Tired of losing your stuff from falling into the void? Now you get a second chance!

Configure the behavior of falling into the void with Unforgiving Void. By default, it will send you to the Nether and grant Fire Resistance and Slow Falling so you can land safely.

Forge: Requires Annotated DI and Fireplace Lib

Fabric: Requires Fireplace Lib

Configuration Options:

  • Configure settings for all dimensions and/or override them per-dimension
  • Set which dimension the player will end up in
  • Set how long they receive Fire Resistance and Slow Falling for
  • Set if the player is given Obsidian to build a portal out
  • Set where the player appears - in a similar position (will be a safe platform somewhere), on the surface, in the sky, or at the world's spawn point.
  • How far away the player can be moved horizontally
  • How far below the bottom of the world the player must be to get teleported

This can be installed on a server without the client installing it too, much like a plugin. Server owners, this means you can run it on your server without making your players install it.

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Q: Can I use this in a modpack?

A: Yes

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