Vanilla Zoom

Vanilla Zoom


🔍 Adds an on-the-go zoom functionality hotkey using the spyglass item.

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Requires the library mod Collective.

Vanilla Zoom is a client-side mod which adds functionality to zoom on-the-go via a hotkey. In 1.17, the Spyglass item was added to Minecraft. If you're like me, you've probably never found a use for it. It's a hassle to bring with you in the hotbar, and selecting it even more so. The zoom function is incredibly useful though. And with this mod, you'll be able to use it anywhere. Think of it as spawning with a spyglass, in any world.

By default the hotkey used to zoom in is Left Alt, but this can be set in the Keybind menu. While pressing this, a spyglass item is temporarily added to the offhand. The spyglass is automatically used, until the hotkey is let go. This will also make the spyglass item disappear again. Any held item in the offhand will return as soon as the hotkey is unpressed.

The effect in action:


The Hotkey:


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