Wilder Wild

Wilder Wild


This mod aims to upgrade the Wild Update!

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It's time for the hypothetical second half of the Wild Update!

We have decided to release our ideal Wild Update, including the Birch Forest update, Fireflies, Cypress Wetlands, Pollen, and much more!


We are not saying that the Wild Update is bad! We simply thought that it could do with an extra coat of paint. Please do not harass Mojang.

Features (as of 2.3)

  • Added Cypress Wetlands biome

  • Added Mixed Forest biome

  • Added Jellyfish Caves biome

  • Added Oasis biome

  • Added Warm River biome

  • Added Warm Beach biome

  • Added Arid Forest biome

  • Added Arid Savanna biome

  • Added Parched Forest biome

  • Added Birch Jungle biome

  • Added Sparse Birch Jungle biome

  • Added Birch Taiga biome

  • Added Semi Birch Forest biome

  • Added Dark Birch Forest biome

  • Added Flower Field biome

  • Added Rainforest biome

  • Added Temperate Rainforest biome

  • Added Dark Taiga biome

  • Added Old Growth Birch Taiga biome

  • Added Old Growth Dark Forest biome

  • Added Snowy Old Growth Pine Taiga biome

  • Added Dying Forest biome

  • Added Snowy Dying Forest biome

  • Added Dying Mixed Forest biome

  • Added Snowy Dying Mixed Forest biome

  • Added Baobab Trees

  • Added Baobab Blocks

  • Added Cypress Trees

  • Added Cypress Blocks

  • Added Palm Trees

  • Added Palm Blocks

  • Added Coconut and Split Coconut Items

  • Added Hollowed Log and Hollowed Stem blocks

  • Added Stripped Hollowed Log and Stripped Hollowed Stem blocks

  • Added the Chiseled Mud Bricks block

  • Added Algae and Cattail Blocks

  • Added Glory of the Snow, Carnation, Datura, Milkweed, and Seeding Dandelion flowers

  • Added Milkweed Pod item

  • Added Red Shelf Fungus and Brown Shelf Fungus blocks

  • Added Pollen

  • Added Bush block

  • Added Flowering Lilypad block

  • Added Small Sponge block

  • Added Copper Horns

  • Added Fireflies

  • Added Bottled Firefly items

  • Added Display Lantern block

  • Added Termite Mound Blocks and Termites

  • Added Tumbleweed and Tumbleweed Stem blocks

  • Added Tumbleweed entity

  • Added Prickly Pear block and item

  • Added Peeled Prickly Pear item

  • Added Scorched Sand blocks

  • Added Hanging Tendril and Osseous Sculk blocks

  • Added Sculk Walls, Stairs, and Slabs

  • Added the Echo Glass block

  • Added Ancient Horn Fragment

  • Added Ancient Horn

  • Added Stone Chests

  • Added Jellyfish

  • Added Mesoglea blocks

  • Added Nematocyst blocks

  • Added Crabs

  • Added Crab Claws

  • Added Reach Boost effect

  • Added Ostriches

  • Added Ostrich Eggs

  • Added Abandoned Cabin structures

  • The Warden can now swim

  • Added 3 new Music Discs

  • Added new music made by LudoCrypt

  • Updated and overhauled multiple biomes

  • Fixed some biome placement issues

  • The main menu background now shows a Wilder Wild panorama

  • Added Wind

World Generation

Cypress Wetlands

Cypress Wetlands are home to the new Cypress trees, covering flooded landscapes with tall, tightly-packed Cypress trees as far as the eye can see.

  • Frogs, Pigs, Chickens, Cows, Rabbit, and Cod will spawn naturally in this biome.

  • At night, Fireflies will spawn before vanishing in daylight.

  • The flooded landscape is covered in Algae and Cattails, and the usual Clay, Gravel, and Sand discs have been replaced with more visually pleasing noise paths.

Cypress Trees

Covering the Cypress Wetlands are the Cypress Trees.

  • Cypress Trees come alongside the new, full set of Cypress Wood blocks, even including brand new boats!

  • These trees are tall and lush, some being covered in vines, some standing straight and tall, and some bending.

Jellyfish Caves

A flooded, mysteriously beautiful biome hiding beneath the ocean floor.

  • Filled with shallow water pools.

  • Home to the two pearlescent Jellyfish.

  • Nematocyst and Mesoglea patches decorate the floors and ceilings of this biome.

  • Contains many Mesoglea paths and pillars, encouraging exploration to new caves and underwater mining.

  • Calcite blobs can also be found here.


A luscious apparatus!

  • A more lively variant of Deserts!

  • Palms, Bushes, Sugar Cane, grass patches, moss patches, and water pools generate naturally in Oases.

  • Water here is much brighter than your typical desert.

  • Desert villages, Desert temples and Desert wells also generate here.

Warm River

A sandier, brighter alternative to rivers in warmer climates.

  • Generates with seagrass on the floor.

Warm Beach

A warmer alternative to regular beaches!

  • Palms and Moss Carpets frequently generate here, and Seagrass grows in the surrounding water.


Flashy! Wet! Dirty!

  • A new variant of Forests.

  • Contains many flowers, bushes, moss patches, moss basins, moss lakes, and vine-covered trees.

Old Growth Dark Forest

Dark and dreary, mystic-dreamy.

  • A variant of the Dark Forest with taller trees.

  • Contains mushroom-covered Podzol paths.

  • Some trees may be covered with cobwebs.

Old Growth Snowy Pine Taiga

  • Replaces non-snowy Taigas in freezing climates.

  • Covered with tall Pine trees and snow!

Temperate Rainforest

Bright! Wet! Exotic!

  • A new variant of the Taiga.

  • Contains Spruce, Oak, and Birch trees, covered in vines.

  • Contains mushroom-covered Podzol paths.

  • Generates with moss lakes, podzol basins, and bushes.

Transition Biomes

  • These help with reducing and cleaning up sharp borders between biomes.

Mixed Forest

Mixed Forests combine regular Forests with the Taiga, offering a nice range of wood that's perfect in new worlds.

  • Like Taigas, Mixed Forests have sprawling paths of Coarse Dirt running throughout them.

Arid Forest

  • A combination of the Desert and Forest.

Arid Savanna

  • A combination of the Desert and Savanna.

Parched Forest

  • A midway-point between the Forest and Savanna biomes.

Birch Jungle

  • A combination of the Jungle and Birch Forest.

Sparse Birch Jungle

  • A combination of the Sparse Jungle and Birch Forest.

Birch Taiga

  • A combination of the Taiga and Birch Forest.

Old Growth Birch Taiga

  • A combination of the Taiga and Old Growth Birch Forest.

Semi Birch Forest

  • A midway point between the Forest and Birch Forest biomes.

Dark Birch Forest

  • A combination of the Dark Forest and Birch Forest.

Dark Taiga

  • A combination of the Dark Forest and Taiga.

Flower Field

  • A midway point between the Plains and Flower Forest biomes.

  • Appears much like Flower Forests, only without frequent trees.

Dying Forests

  • Variants of regular forests.

  • Smooth out the transition between forests and cold areas.

  • Are filled with dying trees.

  • Pumpkins generate more commonly here.

Biome Changes

  • Swamps and Mangrove Swamps no longer generate in low-humidity areas.

  • Mangrove Swamps now longer generate strictly in very hot areas.

  • Jungles now generate more commonly in areas with very high temperature and humidity.

  • Windswept Savannas no longer generate in cooler and humid areas.

  • Added rare, shallow underground water pools.

  • Added dying trees.

  • Reintroduced Beta Beaches.

  • Flowers generate much more frequently throughout the world.

  • Forest and Taiga biomes alongside their variants now have rare tree clearings.


The Savanna houses three new features!

  • Added Termites and Termite Mounds.

  • Aded Ostriches.

  • Added the Baobab Tree.

  • Fallen Acacia and Oak trees will now also generate in all Savanna biomes.

  • Tumbleweed now generate in Savanna Plateau biomes.

  • Bushes now sparsely generate in all Savanna biomes.

Baobab Trees

Baobab Trees, much like Cypress Trees, also come alongside a brand new wood set.

  • Baobab Trees are incredibly thick and tall, requiring a 4x4 area of Baobab Saplings to grow instead of the usual 2x2 for other trees.

Birch Forest

Birch forests have been upgraded, sporting a refreshed identity!

  • Birch Trees are now taller, generate with Bee Nests more often, and will occasionally sport small branches.

  • Milkweed, Datura, Carnation, Seeding Dandelion, and Glory of the Snow flowers will now generate in Birch Forests.

  • Fallen Birch Trees will now generate, sometimes with Moss Carpets on top.

  • Red and Brown Shelf Fungus now generate on Birch Trees.

  • Pollen now generates in Birch Forests.


Forests have also received significant upgrades, feeling much more wild than they used to be.

  • Improved vegetation of Forests, resembling Grass and Fern generation of Beta versions of Minecraft.

  • Milkweed, Carnations, and Seeding Dandelions will now generate in Forests.

  • Oak Trees have been improved, also sporting branches like Birch Trees.

  • Massive Oak Trees will generate more often, casting a large shadow on the ground.

  • Birch Trees in the Forest biome are much shorter than those in Birch Forest biomes.

  • Red and Brown Shelf Fungus now generate on Oak Trees.

  • Pollen now generates in Forests.

  • Fallen Oak and Birch trees will now generate in Forests.

  • Shrubs will now generate along the floors of all Forest-like biomes.


  • Taigas now contain younger and shorter trees alongside their usual taller trees.

  • Taiga Vegetation is now much denser.

  • Coarse Dirt Paths will now generate in Taigas.

  • Fallen Spruce Trees will now generate in Taigas.

  • Tall grass and large fern will now generate in Taigas.

  • Smaller versions of Mega Spruce trees now occasionally generate in all Taiga biomes.


Swamps have finally gotten that sweet update they were promised in 2018.

  • Mud paths and discs will now generate in Swamps.

  • Swamp Trees now have roots.

  • Cattails, Algae, and Milkweed will now generate in Swamps.

  • Brown Shelf Fungus can grow on Swamp Trees.

  • Flowering Lily Pads will now generate in Swamp water.

  • Fireflies will now spawn in Swamps, and won't despawn in daylight if kept inside the Swamp.

  • Adjusted biome placement.

Mangrove Swamp

  • Cattails and Algae will now generate in Mangrove Swamps.

  • Brown Shelf Fungus can grow on Mangrove Trees.

  • Flowering Lily Pads will now generate in Mangrove Swamp water.

  • Fireflies will now spawn in Mangrove Swamps, and won't despawn in daylight if kept inside the Mangrove Swamp.

  • Crabs will now commonly spawn here.

  • Now generates Cattails, Flowers, Bushes, Mud Basins, Mud Lakes, more Grass, Fern, and rare Mud Piles.

  • Adjusted biome placement.


  • Fireflies will now spawn in Jungle, Sparse Jungle, and Bamboo Jungle biomes.

  • Moss Paths will now generate in Jungle, Sparse Jungle, and Bamboo Jungle biomes.

  • Milkweed will now generate in Sparse Jungle biomes.

  • Added lots of floral decoration and Bushes to all Jungle biomes.

  • Moss Basins now generate in jungle and Sparse Jungle biomes.

  • Podzol Basins now generate in Bamboo Jungle biomes.

  • Moss Lakes now generate in all Jungle biomes.

  • Cattails now generate in all Jungle biomes.

  • Fallen Palm, Oak, and Jungle trees now generate in all Jungle biomes.

Dark Forest

  • Some Dark Oak trees have bigger canopies.

  • Brown and Red Shelf Fungus will sometimes generate on Dark Oak trees.

  • Carnation, Milkweed, and Seeding Dandelion flowers now generate in Dark Forest biomes.

  • Fallen Oak and Birch trees now rarely generate in Dark Forest biomes.

  • Cattails now generate in Dark Forest biomes.


  • Swapped out all wooden blocks in Desert Villages for their Palm counterparts.

  • Tumbleweed Stems now generate in Deserts.

  • Tumbleweed now spawns naturally in Deserts.

  • Scorched Sand now generates in Deserts.


  • Scorched Rad Sand now generates in all Badlands biomes.

  • Prickly Pears now generate in all Badlands biomes.

  • Large bushes now generate in Badlands biomes.

  • Tumbleweed Stems now generate in all Badlands biomes.

  • Tumbleweed now spawns naturally in all Badlands biomes.

Cherry Grove

  • Pollen now generates in Cherry Grove biomes.

  • Fallen Cherry trees now generate in Cherry Grove biomes.

  • Cherry Trees are now more varied in height.

  • Added Tall Cherry Tree variant.

  • Added Dying Cherry Tree and Dying Tall Cherry Tree variants.

  • Bushes now generate in Cherry Grove biomes.

  • Seeding Dandelion, Datura, Rose Bush, Poppy, Lilac, Pink Tulip, and Peony flowers now generate in Cherry Grove biomes.

Sunflower Plains

  • Added more yellow, orange, and white flora to Sunflower Plains biomes to make up for a relative lack of vegetation compared to the new Flower Field biome and the Flower Forest biome.

  • Bushes can now generate in Sunflower Plains biomes.


  • Added lots more flora to Plains, no longer leaving them looking barren and repetitive.

  • Shrubs will occasionally generate in Plains to fill in empty spots.



  • Is a breeding ground for Slimes.

  • Slimes will occasionally spawn from Algae, letting players farm and collect Slime Balls easily.

  • Slime spawning can be stopped by placing a light source nearby the Algae.

  • At least three Algae must be in the same area for a Slime to be able to spawn.

  • Can only be obtained with the Silk Touch enchantment or shears.


  • Coconuts grow and hang from Palm trees.

  • Cam be knocked down with projectiles.

  • When fully grown, will drops Coconuts.

  • Can be planted, placing a Palm Sapling.

  • Can be thrown, damaging entities.

  • Upon landing, may split in two.

  • Can be used as fuel.


It's alive!

  • An alive decorative plant.

  • Can grow into a 2-block-tall version of itself, giving more decorative options to players.

  • Can be sheared, decreasing its growth by one stage.

  • When sheared at full growth, will drop another Bush item.

Display Lantern

A stylish hanging container!

  • Can hold up to one item or four Fireflies at a time.

  • Each Firefly inside will emit a bit of light, and light-emitting blocks inside will emit their expected levels of light.

  • Can be used to display items and Fireflies in a fashionable way.

Echo Glass

  • Can be crafted with one Echo Shard and two Tinted Glass.

  • Occludes vibrations.

  • Is capable of blocking the Warden's Sonic Boom, at the expense of cracking.

  • Echo Glass is very resistant to damage, being able to crack three times before finally being broken.

  • Once broken, the glass will drop in its fully-cracked state.

  • Echo Glass will heal in darkness, but crack in light.

Glory of the Snow

The Glory of the Snow comes in four different colors, all from the same block!

  • Can grow with Blue, Violet, Pink, or White flowers.

  • These flowers can be picked with shears, leaving the plant itself to grow more flowers.

  • Once trimmed, the Flowers can be placed like Pollen, Sculk Veins, and Glow Lichen, allowing for more decoration on walls, ceilings, and floors.

  • Can be grown with Bone Meal.

Hanging Tendril

  • Generates below Sculk Blocks.

  • Can hold Sculk Charges, releasing them as XP when alt-clicked.


A context-dependent semi-permeable block!

  • Are found generating naturally in Jellyfish Caves.

  • When waterlogged, will allow all mobs to pass through it.

  • Certain mobs like Jellyfish, will not be able to pass through the bottoms or sides of this block, unless they are a passenger or are leashed.

- This is controlled by a tag, containing only Jellyfish by default.

 - Putting Jellyfish on a leash or surrounding the block with water will let them pass through Mesoglea with ease.
  • Emits a light level of 7.

  • Can be crafted with four Nematocyst of the same color.


An atmospheric cluster.

  • Can be placed on all faces of blocks and emits light.

  • Can be crafted into Mesoglea.

  • Dropped by Jellyfish, taking on the respective color.

Osseous Sculk

  • Generates above and below Sculk Blocks.

  • Can grow into columns and pillars.

  • When growing from the ceiling, branches can generate that resemble a Spine.

  • These Spines have a small chance to generate a Hanging Tendril.

Palm Crown

  • Generates at the tops of Palm trees as decoration.


Pollen is your new best friend for creating ambient, natural environments.

  • Pollen is placed just like Sculk Veins and Glow Lichens, and will slowly create floating yellow particles around itself.

  • Can only be obtained with Shears.

Prickly Pear

Ow. That hurt. A lot. Help. I ate it. Why.

  • Prickly Pears generate in Badlands biomes, refreshing their dull colors a bit.

  • Ripe Prickly Pears can be picked off the plant. Doing so without shears will hurt the player.

Scorched Sand


  • Comes in regular and red variants.

  • Has two stages.

  • When mined, the item will retain the stage of the block.

  • Can be obtained by scorching sand with Lightning Bolts, Fire, Lava, or dripping Lava.

  • Can be reverted by hydrating sand with Rain, Water, or dripping Water.

    • Can also be reverted through brushing.
  • Can be used to craft Sandstone.

Seeding Dandelion

  • Adds more ambience to the world by occasionally spawning a Dandelion Seed particle.

  • Any entity standing on the Seeding Dandelion will cause more Dandelion Seeds to spawn.

Shelf Fungus

  • Comes in Red and Brown variants.

  • Can be stacked with other Shelf Fungus of the same color like Sea Pickles and Candles.

  • Can be Sheared and Bonemealed.

Stone Chest

A new type of chest with a heavy lid, found in the ruins of Ancient Cities and Abandoned Cabins.

  • Can be crafted with Cobbled Deepslate in the shape of a Boat, with three Cobbled Deepslate Slabs on top.

  • Hoppers can neither pull nor insert items from/into Stone Chests.

  • The Stone Chest's heavy lid must be lifted with careful strength. Once lifted high enough, you only have a short amount of time before the lid tips and slams shut.

  • All loot will shatter and crumble if the Stone Chest is broken. Note that this only applies to loot generated by loot tables; items placed in Stone Chests by players will not be lost.


Termite Mounds are found rarely throughout Savanna biomes, where you may see them chewing bark off of trees!

  • When it's day, many Termites will be active and eating. When it's night, however, they'll hide inside their mound for safety.

  • Placing light sources near Termite Mounds will keep all termites active throughout the night.

  • When a Termite isn't able to eat for a period of time, it will retreat to its mound.

  • Termites will eat most natural Log and Wood blocks, as well as leaves.

  • Naturally generating Termites will only strip and hollow logs. If the Termite Mound is placed by the player, the Termites will strip, hollow, and then break logs.

  • Termites can be killed with Redstone Wire, Crimson and Warped blocks, and fluids.

    • Termite Mounds can be disabled by placing one of the dangerous blocks next to them, preventing more Termites from spawning.
  • Cannot eat blocks placed by players.

Tumbleweed Stem

  • Grows into a dead Tumbleweed, which can snap off and roll around.

    • Will regrow.
  • The Tumbleweed can be snipped off with shears.


  • Can only be obtained by hitting a Tumbleweed entity with the Silk Touch enchantment or shears.

  • Once placed, can be snipped off and turned into an entity with shears.

Block Changes

  • Cacti can now be mined faster with an axe.

  • Cacti can now be placed next to any block.

  • Dandelions can now be grown into Seeding Dandelions with Bone Meal.

  • Pointed Dripstone dripping water onto dirt will now convert it to Mud.

  • Pointed Dripstone can dry out Wet Sponges.

  • Reinforced Deepslate can now be rotated like Deepslate.

  • The stems of Dripleaves can now properly be powered.

  • Gravel now has its own custom sounds.

  • Clay now has its own custom sounds.

  • Soul Fire now plays ambient sounds.

  • Chests now bubble when opened underwater.

  • Chests now use unique sounds when opening and closing underwater.

  • Underwater Chests in Shipwrecks now have a chance to spawn a Jellyfish when opened.

  • Beehives' and Bee Nests' item forms will now reflect their honey levels.

  • Logs and Stems can now be hollowed by using an axe on their ends.

  • Many vegetative blocks can now be potted.



Crabs are neutral mobs that spawn in Mangrove Swamps, Warm Oceans, Lukewarm Oceans, Deep Lukewarm Oceans, Oceans, Deep Oceans, Warm Beaches, Beaches, and Cypress Wetlands.

  • If no players are close to a Crab and it's not been disturbed for a while, the Crab will hide in the ground.

  • If a player comes nearby or a loud vibration occurs, the Crab will come back out of hiding.

  • When attacked, the Crab will run towards its attacker and call all other Crabs nearby, even those in hiding, for backup.

  • Baby Crabs cannot attack, and will instead panic.

  • Can be bred with Kelp.

  • Can climb up walls.

  • Can be scooped up in Buckets.

  • Has a chance to drop its Claw upon death (only when killed by a player), which can be cooked.

  • The Crab's Claw can be brewed with an Awkward potion to create a Potion of Reaching.


Fireflies are small, two-pixel bugs that slowly fly around.

  • Spawn in Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes during all times of day and night.

  • Spawn in Cypress Wetlands, Jungle, Sparse jungle, and Bamboo Jungles at night.

  • If far enough from the player and in a biome they can't spawn in during the day, they will despawn.

  • Fireflies can be captured in Glass Bottles.


A new venomous and gelatinous mob!

  • Come in multiple colors.

  • Are passive but will sting anything that comes into contact with them.

  • Will chase after attackers if provoked.

  • Like all other fish, Jellyfish can be scooped into buckets.

  • Drop Nematocyst upon death.


  • A feathery new mob with a passion for fighting.

  • Is tamed the same way as Horses, but takes a bit longer due to their feistier nature.

  • Instead of charging a jump while being ridden it will attack with its beak, the strength depending on how high the meter was charged.

  • Can be bred with Bushes.

  • If attacked and not tamed, will chase after its attacker and peck them to death.

  • If they are tamed, this behavior will only apply to non-player mobs.

  • Will call other Ostriches for backup, like Wolves and Crabs.

  • While provoked, cannot be ridden or fed unless it's already tamed.

  • If tamed, can be fed or ridden while provoked to calm down.


Who wants bouncy balls when you can have bouncy blocks?

  • Tumbleweed are a new entity that get carried along with the wind.

  • Will stop moving and eventually decay without wind.

  • Will decay if left in water for too long.

  • Note that Tumbleweed can safely remain in Mesoglea.

  • Spawn in Desert, Badlands, Wooded Badlands, Eroded Badlands, and Windswept Savanna biomes.

  • Can spawn with loot. The chances of spawning with loot increase with difficulty.

  • Can pick up one item.

  • Drops sticks when broken.

Mob Changes

  • The Warden can now swim, making it even harder to escape.

  • The Warden immediately attacks anything that touches it.

  • The Warden now has a unique death animation.

  • The Warden now has a unique death animation when it dies underwater.

  • The Warden's Tendrils now move in a more visible manner, letting you see its reaction to vibrations easier.

  • Projectiles will now create Block Breaking particles upon landing.

  • The Enderman's staring sound will now follow its position and stop upon death.


Ancient Horn

Behold! The legendary Ancient Horn!

  • When used, the Ancient Horn will send out a massive Vibration.

  • The massive Vibration ignores armor and will instantly kill basic hostile mobs like Zombies and Creepers, but will do less damage against players.

  • If a Sculk Block that reacts to vibrations is hit with the massive Vibration, it may react to it.

  • Wardens hit with the massive Vibration will become angered if they aren't already.

  • Can go through blocks like Glass, Sculk, Leaves, and more.

Ancient Horn Fragment

  • Rarely generates in Ancient City chests.

  • Can be crafted into an Ancient Horn when combined with Echo Shards and a Gold Ingot.

Copper Horn

A new tube for your windy desires.

  • Will play a single note when used, which will loop until the player stops using it.

  • The pitch of the note depends on how high you're looking.

Firefly in a Bottle

Fireflies can be captured in Glass Bottles, letting you release them later.

  • Once captured, Fireflies can be dyed to any color of your liking.

  • Stacks up to a limit of 32.

  • Released Fireflies will never despawn, and will stay around the area they were released in.

Crab Claw

  • Can be brewed to make a Reach Boost potion.

  • Can be cooked.

Milkweed Pod

  • Can be snipped off of Milkweed plants.

  • When used, will spawn a cloud of Milkweed Seed particles in the air.

Prickly Pear

  • Can be eaten, at the expense of damaging the player unless shears are used.

  • Can be peeled in a crafting table to be safely eaten.

    • Doing this, however, will prevent the player from replanting the Prickly Pear.

Split Coconut

Be kind around them, they lost their better halves a few weeks ago.

  • Can be eaten.

  • Can be crafted into Bowls.

  • Can be crafted into White Dye.

  • Can be used as fuel.

Item Changes

Goat Horn

  • Now only play while being used.

  • Removed cooldown.


Abandoned Cabins

A small room. In Your Room.

  • Generate sparsely throughout the underground world.

  • Contain Barrels and Stone Chests waiting to be looted.


Reach Boost

  • Extends the player's reach by 1 block per level.

  • Does not affect attacking, only impacts interactions with Items and Blocks including both placing and breaking.

  • There is, however, a config option to let this impact attack reach.


Hear- no. Feel- no. See- maybe. See the effects of wind before your eyes!

  • Can push and pull certain particles

  • Clouds now move with the wind

  • Is used to control Tumbleweed

And much more that we don't have space to write down!

Before anyone asks we will NOT port this mod to Forge, but since this is open source feel free to do it yourself!

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