Wireless Redstone

Wireless Redstone


Wireless Redstone adds blocks and items to use redstone remotely

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Wireless Redstone

Wireless Redstone adds Redstone components to Minecraft, allowing Redstone components to be controlled remotely. The concept works like any transceiver functionality.

Note: If you press Shift in the Frequency GUI, all values to change the frequency will be multiplied by 100 (so you can add/subtract 100 and 1000) or you can just type in your desired frequency manually. You can also change the color of the frequency display on a receiver/transmitter in the Configs. The same goes for highlighting with the Frequency Sniffer!


Redstone Transmitter

Transmitter off/on

The Redstone Transmitter transmits a signal to the Redstone Network when it is turned on by a Redstone signal and sets all receivers on the same frequency to high as well. If there is more than one transmitter transmitting on the same frequency, all receivers on that frequency will be high as long as at least one transmitter on that frequency is on. This block can be right-clicked to set the frequency.

Redstone Receiver

Receiver off/on

The Redstone Receiver will output a Redstone signal of 15 as long as there is at least one active transmitter on the same frequency. This block can be right-clicked to set the frequency.


Remote off/on

The Remote is the item form of the Transmitter, while holding right-click the remote signal goes high. But it comes with the addition of being able to copy the frequency of a Transmitter or a Receiver by sneaking and right-clicking it. By sneaking and right-clicking the remote (not on a transmitter/receiver), you can set the frequency through the GUI.

Frequency Tool

Frequency Tool

The Frequency Tool is a handy tool that makes it easy for you to take a frequency and set multiple transmitters and/or receivers to the same frequency. When holding it in your hand you can copy a frequency into the Frequency Tool by sneaking and right-clicking on a transmitter or receivers. To copy the now-stored frequency, simply right-click either a transmitter or receiver. By sneaking and right-clicking the frequency tool (not on a transmitter/receiver), you can set the frequency through the GUI.

Frequency Sniffer

Frequency Sniffer

The Frequency Sniffer can be used as a tool to find active transmitters on a given frequency. As with other frequency tools too you can set the frequency either manually over the gui or copying it from a transmitter/receiver. When you right-click the sniffer tool all active transmitters on the set frequency within range are highlighted with a wireframe around the transmitter block. There is also a chat message that tells you where all the active transmitters are located at by showing the block position. If you are an admin/op, you can also click on the block position to teleport there. See example in the screenshot section. You can also change the highlight color in the configs!



The Circuit is for crafting purposes only.