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From the Axil Galaxy, an invasive alien species eyes upon planets which show great opportunity for expanding their hive's reach across the universe. Unfortunately for you, they just so happen to be looking at the Overworld.

They don't come in peace.

REQUIRES GECKOLIB & SYNAPSELIB, compatible with and officially supports the Forge and Cleanroom loaders

Wyrms of Nyrus follows the canonical lore of Iké's Nyral Wyrms (from the SNAZ OS Extended Canon) and provides an immersive view into the ever-so-hostile universe. It is a very destructive mod, but the destruction can be opted out of via user configuration. This mod has built-in accessibility features like subtitles and both visual and auditory attack indicators.

Stage 1: The nightmare begins

The Nyral Wyrms, one of the most dangerous species to ever inhabit this universe. Unfortunately, they've laid their antennae on you, and begin their invasion. Watch your head, as these aliens arrive from the skies!

Engage with a fully-fledged evolution system, right alongside a progressing invasion; the Wyrms are just as capable of adapting as you are, and have their own tricks.

Nyral Wyrms are a species of radioactive insect-like creatures that have strengths and weaknesses with every variant and form; use your know-hows to take the advantage early! Just don't try to set them on fire...

Stage 2: The Blight

Given enough time, the Nyral Wyrms will have cleared some space on the Overworld, and have begun to lay down some permanent roots down on the land; don't let them! Once they show off their true nature, the Hive Creep can be difficult to hold back and halt!

The Hive Creep doesn't just affect land; it also infects animals, monsters, villagers, and even you!



From interactions with the Hive Creep and Scape and Run: Parasites' infestations, to special variants from HBM's Nuclear Tech Mod, Wyrms of Nyrus naturally adapts to other mods and creates interesting scenarios. The evolution system even considers the modlist, too!


Wyrms of Nyrus comes packaged with a configuration file fine-tuned for a lightly modded experience by default. However, many parts of the mod are customizable, especially the more destructive features. This mod is perfectly compatible with heavily modded settings, and works well in modpacks, as it does when standing alone.

You are free to use Wyrms of Nyrus in a modpack.

Translated the Mod?

We're looking for translation files to help the world understand and play with Wyrms of Nyrus without a language barrier. Interested? The project can be located here, or you can email us at with your .lang file


Wyrms of Nyrus 0.2.6 and above features a brand new configuration file system. Some functions may be concerning for some users, moderators, and antiviruses: This mod only deletes files within the config/WyrmsOfNyrus/ folder(s). Files in folders 0-2 (factory presets, your custom configurations will remain untouched) are only deleted if a checksum mismatch is found. Said mismatch should only happen if a user messes with the value in the preset folder(s) or if the user updates the mod and the configuration files have changed values between the two versions.

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 3 months ago