You're in Grave Danger

You're in Grave Danger


A mod focused around death. Will add graves to minecraft

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You're in Grave Danger

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You're in Grave Danger is a highly configurable grave mod. This mod will add graves to your game, which will spawn at your death location with all your items. You can then go back and retrieve your lost items. The mod will remember your inventory layout and put everything back to where it was before you died. The mod is highly configurable. In fact, if you think a config is missing that has anything to do with what happens when you die, it's not refered to as a missing feature, but a bug. (Not really but that's how serious I am about everything being configurable).

If you play multiplayer you'll have no trouble finding which grave is yours, as both your face and player name will render on it (if you've enabled it in the config of course)


The mod is available for 1.16.5, 1.17.1, and 1.18!

As 1.18 is the newest version of minecraft, 1.18 will be the version most updates are pushed to. This is why you will often find more features in this version than the other versions. However once in a while the 1.16.5 and 1.17.1 will be backported from the newest version. Any issues found with earlier versions will also be handled.

The mod aims to be compatible with most, if not all inventory mods. Currently You're in Grave Danger provides compat for: inventorio [all versions], trinkets [all versions], curios [1.16], travelers backpack [1.16, 1.17]

Other inventory mods are also compatible with this mod, including backslot, extra inventory and BigInv. The mod will also work with infinitory, however that compatibility is not well tested. If any of the listed mods would not be compatible, or you know another mod affecting the inventory, please open an issue in the mod github repository, or report it in the discord server.

The mod is technically compatible with every soulbound enchantment, since you can configure which enchantments should not be dropped on death in your grave, and which you should as well keep in your inventory when you respawn.

Graves can be waterlogged, and renders can be adapted to the block the grave is standing on.

Graves can be completely customized with resource packs in all versions. They will affect block hitbox, render parts, the grave skull and grave text.

More features are also provided, however some of these are disabled by default as most people probably don't want these issues as a part of the mod.

Misc info

If you find any bug/missing config, or have a cool idea that would fit in the theme of the mod, please open an issue on the github issue tracker

The mod is under MIT license, so feel free to use this in your modpack!

This mod is required both on client and server, as it will add custom blocks and renderers.

Want more info about how to configure the mod for modpacks and servers or similar? Visit the github wiki

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