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  • Hypervelic Resin now has no collision, allowing pushing items in from the side or transferring from ice streams
  • Various mechanisms are now valid bases for Hypervelic Resin (such as pistons and hoppers)
  • Glowdamp can now be thrown, creating a cloud of temporary light and harming undead
  • Glowdamp now stacks to 64 (consistent with Dragon's Breath)
  • Transferent Fungus spore placement on piston retraction is now much more reliable
  • Added IR lazors, which are invisible, do not emit light, and do not harm entities, but are still detectable with redstone
  • Added missing EMI recipe defaults
  • Slightly reduced lazor brightness for less lag; the full 15 isn't necessary with 1.18 spawn rules
  • Possible fix for dyed project tables not showing as dyed in some cases
  • Chutes can now be put below replicators to intelligently keep dropped items stocked


yttr-7.626+1.18.2.jar(6.92 MiB) Primary Download

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