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  • Tag lazor beams as air blocks so that trees can grow through them
  • Added more inanimate entities to the screeper_immune tag; minecarts, armor stands, xp orbs
  • The following only apply if you use a datapack to add spawners to the yttr:snareable block tag:
    • Snared spawners will continue to tick, spawning mobs
    • Snared spawners are no longer stable, breaking containment after ~2:20
  • Removed some obsolete mixins and utilities now handled by Lib39
    • Might fix networking jank
  • New texture for carbon blocks
  • Haemopal is now a piece of your soul
  • Continuous Platform blocks are now broken with left-click, and break instantly if not immortal
  • You can now replace your soul with soup
  • Fixed lazor emitters being half waterloggable
  • Added Continuous Platforms, a new sole-slot trinket that lets you sneak to walk on air anywhere
  • Fixed ore recipes not recognizing deepslate ores
  • Fixed cleaved block mesh caching
  • Fixed rifle scope persisting when switching items
  • Rifle now unscopes on overcharge
  • Fixed cleaved block collision sometimes bugging out
  • Reimplemented Disjunction and Vorpal to be less janky
  • Disjunction now uses the #yttr:disjunctible entity tag instead of being hardcoded
  • Control hints are no longer blurry on some GUI scales alongside QDAA
  • Updated Lib39 to 1.5.0-pre3
  • Fix Shifter-immortalized Continuous Platform blocks keeping their speedy state
  • Added the Continuous Diffractor, an active cloaking device that's better than invisibility potions
  • Fix on servers. Again
  • Added a new "Break Bedrock Anywhere" config option


yttr-7.681+1.19.2.jar(7.4 MiB) Primary Download

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