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☁️ About this Modpack ☁️

The Official Aether Testing Server (OATS) is an active survival server where the mod's community can play and test The Aether on the latest version of Minecraft.

The server has additional features such as:

  • Chunk claiming.
  • Teleport, warp, and home commands.
  • Party and guild systems.
  • Optional voice chat.
  • Linking between in-game chat and The Aether Project Discord.
  • A world map accessible by browser.

This modpack offers more user-friendly methods of interacting with some of the server's features like homes and claims through the Project Odyssey collection of mods, and has keybind configurations for the features of these mods as well as the voice chat mod. The pack also has a custom configuration of CraftPresence with icons and images related to the server. To access the server, a custom button is added to the main menu for quick and direct joining.

Server Address:

World Map (BlueMap):

Basic Rules:

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Be friendly.
  3. Keep chat clean.
  4. No griefing.
  5. No stealing.
  6. No cheating.

☁️ More from The Aether Team ☁️

If you have a question about the modpack or are just interested in other projects developed by The Aether Team, you can join The Aether Project Discord! Our friendly staff and welcoming community will make sure you feel at home with us!


You can also support The Aether Team by pledging on Patreon! Every pledge goes directly towards development and enables us to continue doing what we love most.


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