Arcomua Modpack is a modpack mainly designed to improve your performance, gameplay experience, and graphics.

⏱️ Enhancement

The ultimate goal of this modpack is to improve the vanilla gaming experience as much as possible without changing the main gameplay and mechanism, no content mods included.

⚡ High-Performance

Arcomua Modpack includes a lot of optimization mods. High FPS, low TPS, and fast world loading become possible.

✨ QoL Improvements

Arcomua Modpack includes a lot of QoL mods to make your gameplay more enjoyable and make your eyes comfortable, such as Tweakeroo, MiniHUD, Litematica, Xaero's Map, and XK Redstone Display resource pack.

🌸 Graphics

Arcomua Modpack includes Complementary Shaders - Reimagined which you can enable in video settings, adds more beautiful effects to your game and fixes a lot of details.

🖼️ OptiFine Features

Arcomua Modpack uses Sodium but supports almost all OptiFine features.

🔧 Bug Fixes

With the community's help, some bugs that were never fixed were finally fixed.

🍎 macOS Support

This modpack can run perfectly on macOS and Apple Silicon.

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