Complementary Reimagined is a high quality Minecraft Java Edition shader pack that aims for perfection. Preserving the unique style of Minecraft, with options to customise everything ranging from clouds to water. Reimagined offers a ton of high quality effects, incredible attention to detail, an issueless experience, and top tier optimization. Trying to complement Minecraft in the best way possible, Reimagined aims to please everyone who loves Minecraft. There is no better summary for Reimagined other than that it is a shader pack that aims to be the ultimate choice.


- First you need to install either OptiFine or the Iris mod to be able to load shaderpacks.
- Then you need to launch the game, and get to the Shaderpacks/Shaders menu in Video Settings.
- Open the shaderpacks folder by clicking the button in the menu.
- Download Complementary Reimagined and put it in the shaderpacks folder.
- Get back in the game, and choose Reimagined in the shaderpacks menu.


- Join the Complementary Discord community if you have any questions, or just want to talk.
- Check out the Complementary Development Website for more information.
- If you would like to support the development of Complementary, you can do so on Patreon.

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