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Cobblemon PokeFactory - the best of Pokemon, Minecraft, and mods

A look at spawn on the official Cobblemon PokeFactory spawn

The Ultimate Cobblemon Modpack - combining technology, magic, and adventure seamlessly with Pokemon & Minecraft

PokeFactory was originally release on Forge 1.16 /w Pixelmon. Cobblemon & Fabric are allowing us to do so much more with larger mods, a more modern version, and a more stable player experience.

Jump into singleplayer, or play with others on our NOP2W, player based economy server for PokeFactory.

What mods are included?

  • Cobblemon - the perfect Pokemon mod for Minecraft, PokeFactory is designed for and around Cobblemon
  • Create - the partner to Cobblemon, Create is the basis for the majority of the other mods, automate everything, rival Silph Co, and never have to mine anything again
  • Applied Energistics 2 - sick of rotation? Turn it into energy, AE2 complements Create in every way and provides the main storage methods for PokeFactory
  • Farmer's Delight - PokeFactory isn't just for players who want to build huge factories, with Farmer's Delights we offer the peaceful Pokemon Homestead of your dreams
  • Botania - if you're avoiding a steampunk, pipe-y mess, Botania gives you the power benefits of Create while fitting your aesthetic aims

What's Performance like?

PokeFactory includes 90+ mods, but this isn't a kitchen sink pack - everything has been tested extensively and each mod was added for a reason.

PokeFactory includes the best of Fabric optimisation by default so you don't have to mess around with client side mods that may conflict with each other.

We recommend running at least 4GB of memory, PokeFactory has been tested on laptops & lower end PCs and is completely playable. If you can play Cobblemon fine, you can play PokeFactory fine.

On top of that, more load will be taken off your PC by playing on our server, which handles the major logic for you!

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