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Cobblemon PokeFactory - new and improved!

• Create Utilities ♠ Adds the Void Engine, Void Chest, and Void Tank, addressable items that can move stress, items, and fluids respectively across dimensions! • Cooking for Blockheads ♠ Adds a kitchen multiblock • Time in a Bottle ♠ Store play time to speed up certain blocks and crops! • Waystones ♠ Craft waystones that can be public or private for people to teleport to! • Paladins & Priests ♠ Become a paladin or a holy priest to help your allies! • AE2 Wireless Terminals Infinite ♠ Craft wireless terminals with INFINTE range - no more going back and forth for a project! • Create Slice n' Dice ♠ Adds some compatibility between create and cooking mods • Critters and Companions ♠ Adds new mobs such as: Otters, Ferrets, Koi Fish, Dumbo Octapus, Sea Bunny, Dragonfly, Red Panda • Dimension Doors ♠ Adds several types of Dimensional Doors that allow access to teleportation and extra-dimensional pocket dungeons that can vary from hallways to mazes to treasure rooms to straight-up traps. • Enhanced Celestials ♠ Adds new lunar events such as blood moons, harvest moons • Seasons ♠ Adds seasons - duh. • Forgotten Graves ♠ When you die a grave will spawn - good luck retrieving your items! • Liroth ♠ Adds some new dimensions and items! • Music MakerMod ♠ Adds insturments and ways to make music • PlayerEx, RelicEx, WizardEx ♠ Adds Wizards, attributes, etc • Upgraded Ender Chests ♠ Adds a larger ender chest and player linked chests • XP Obelisk ♠ Store your XP!

  • Update Roanoke Textures to 1.4
  • Updates all mods
  • Add PokeFactory Starter Textures
  • First public release!
  • Initial release of Cobblemon PokeFactory
  • See here for installation instructions

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