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  • Updated Mods


  • old salt recipe
  • custom command to remove Amazing Trading Points


  • Tool Trims Mod (for Curseforge compatibility)


  • Amazing Trading Points
  • Tools in Shredder
  • Advancement Text


  • redstone and bloodmoonshine cocktails
  • rocket pocket
  • glass shards
  • second dirt recipe
  • dragon backpack as dragon loot
  • translation for advancements


  • reworked shredder values
  • buffed magnet recipes
  • buffed sugar output from honey
  • buffed hot chocolate output amount


  • amethyst disenchanting with rightclick
  • andesite sheet recipe


  • updated mod immediatelyfast -> fixed gamecrash

Advancement & Creator Equipment Update


  • Advancements for Creator Tools
  • Recipe to build shimmer nuggets with shimmer fluid
  • Blaze Plate Rod
  • Cat Fluid
  • Highway Block (trash will let you walk like flash)


  • Creator Tools are (very) fast now
  • Creator Tools now require Blaze Plate Rods
  • Creator Equipment is now resistent to lava
  • Magnet Recipes


  • EVERY ADVANCEMENT (Please don't find another bug!)
  • Sleeping Bags are now craftable
  • diamond to diamond shard crafting amount
  • Witherproof Glass is working like normal glass
  • Copycat duplicates
  • Spark can now farm the Creator Tools without feeling ripped off


  • fixed fallen stargaze recipe
  • fixed elytra drop (Enderdragon now drops 2 Elytra's instead of one)


  • Creator Tools!
  • Witherproof Blocks!
  • recipes for every trim/template
  • Phantom & Wolf as Mobfluid
  • Ravioli Cans
  • coral recipes
  • vegan mayonnaise


  • Bossfluid is cheaper (YEAH! Creator-Equipment!!!)
  • warden is now spawnable with spawnegg
  • shimmer with "better shimmer" to prevent bugs
  • ghasts are cheaper to spawn with spawner
  • crafting terminal is now cheaper


  • mob spawning in mangrove and lush cave biome
  • item vault recipe
  • diamond recipe
  • sheep fluid recipe
  • added Logout Button for Tjan
  • Added EMI (JEI without bugs!)
  • Added Soybean as Frying Oil
  • Added Burgerpommes
  • Added Item-Descriptions (for Sniffer- and Bossloot)
  • Added Buckets for Mobfluids
  • Added Goggles Support for Creator Helmet
  • Added Tofu for Burger Recipe
  • Balanced Sniffer Loottable
  • Fixed Material Sounds
  • Removed Fluid Interaction Exploit
  • Removed Chunkloader Recipes
  • updated mods
  • added alternative recipe for item vaults
  • added mobspawning in deep dark biome
  • added onions to sniffer loottable
  • fixed snowball fluid wrong amount of output
  • fixed Advancements not working on multiplayer
  • fixed Advancement Errors
  • fixed wires not craftable because of another mod
  • changed amount of sap from sap tree
  • updated mods
  • fixed Main Menu Bug
  • fixed / adjusted Sunflower Seeds
  • fixed dough recipe
  • fixed iron ingot recipes
  • added mobs to mushroom island biome
  • fixed bossfluid problems (creator armor / creative filling tank)
  • removed unnessesary andesite alloy mixing recipe
  • removed TheJoCraft
  • added support for Minecraft Server (thanks Blackdemon)
  • added Oculus Mod for Shader support
  • added Default Server Properties Mod for easier Server installing
  • added new Advancements for more guidance
  • fixed Sunflowers not generating in every biome (with bonemeal)
  • fixed two starter island not having the right sunflower
  • made Spawn-NPCs Name always visible (thanks MelanX)

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