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Built around ‎‎‎‎‎Fresh Animations‏‏‎!

As the title suggests, Fresh Animations (FA) is the core of this modpack. And to keep it simple, every mod is either here to :

  • Add compatibility (with FA and Optifine)
  • Optimize your game.

In the end, it allows you to play with FA, add pretty much any resource pack you want, any shader you want, and play smoothly. You can also use this modpack as a base to then add your own mods, to make sure you can use the mentioned resource pack along with anything else. Meanwhile, it's as simple as click & play!


Thanks to the many ports (included in this modpack) the community has made from Optifine, you can expect almost full compatibility with resource packs that require its specific features. And it works for shaders too! Since you will also find Iris, you can use most of them along with everything else. Complementary is already included as an example, but feel free to replace it if you want!


The other part of the mods improve many aspects of the game. Increase your framerate (depending on your hardware, up to 2 times or more!), decrease your ping and your ram usage, prevent lags in certain situations.. The goal is to simply but efficiently enhance your overall experience, as well as handle heavier modded scenarios in case you need it in the future.


Install FA?

It already is! You can find the .zip file in your "resourcepacks" folder.

Enable FA?

  1. In-game, press escape
  2. "Options..."
  3. "Resource Packs..."
  4. Click on the right arrow on FA's icon
  5. Voilà!

Enjoy :)

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