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Updated Fresh Animations!

Added Complementary!

  • Updated Dynamic FPS
  • Updated Fabric Loader
  • Updated Fabric API
  • Updated Fabric Language Kotlin
  • Added More Culling

  • Updated most mods, Fabric, and Minecraft version!

  • Added Enhanced Block Entities
  • Added OptiGUI
  • Added Fabric Language Kotlin
  • Added Puzzle

  • Updated mods
  • Updated Fabric Loader

  • Removed ImmediatlyFast
  • Removed duplicated files

  • Added Continuity
  • Added Entity Culling
  • Added FerriteCore

  • Updated Fabric API
  • Updated ImmediatelyFast
  • Updated Mod Menu
  • Updated ModernFix
  • Readded FabricSkyBoxes

  • Readded FabricSkyBoxesInterop

  • Readded Lithium

  • Readded ModernFix

  • Readded ImmediatlyFast

  • Updated Fabric API

  • Updated to 1.20.2
  • A few mods are missing at the moment, mostly optimization ones
  • Added LiLaC (a dependency)
  • Improved configuration
  • Updated mods

Updated many mods for better performances overall

Hello world!

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