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GFB Lite

Screenshot Included Shaders -- Complimentary Reimagined 2. Thank you to EminGTR for permission
Press K to activate shaders

Trimmed down version of GFB Vanilla

This is a general utility and performance enhancement modpack with many features.

It was designed to be the official client side modpack for GFB Network, but it is well suited for any single player or multiplayer experience that allows the included mods. If you use this pack on GFB Network, it adds many integrated features with our vanilla servers. Some supported features include proximity voice chat, itemswapper for creative builds, and Litematica for easily constructing complex builds in survival.

Server IP:


Key Binds

C -> Zoom (scroll to zoom further)
Z -> Zoom Minimap
M -> World Map
R -> Itemswapper
X -> Emote Wheel
V -> Mute Proximity Voicechat
J -> Voicechat settings
K -> Toggle shaders
** -> Toggle chest search bar

Extra Credits

Complimentary Reimagined 2 Shaders

Some Major Features

Audio and Visual Enhancements

  • Realistic sound physics with echoes and muffling (works with proximity voicechat)
  • Ambient surroundings adds lots of environmental sounds such as birds and wind
  • Advanced texture options such as connected textures and Optifine-like features
  • Included shaders by EminGTR

Proximity Voicechat

  • Speak to other players on compatible servers using proximity voice chat with realistic sound raytracing

Project members



Technical information

Client side
Server side
Project ID