Enhances the vanilla experience with optimization, accessibility & compatibility using complex modification.

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  • Added more touch configurations for MidnightControls,
  • Improved 1.20.2 support by fixing issues such as skin layers disappearing during world switches,
  • Updated Fabric API to 0.89.3,
  • Updated ModernFix to 5.7.5,
  • Updated Chat Reporting Helper to 4.1,
  • Removed the KRP mod as it is no longer needed.
  • Added support for Eye Tracking movement in MidnightControls,
  • Added Timeless which allows proper configuration of nostalgic-like elements instead of being hard-coded into mods directly,
  • Restored Sodium's donation button,

  • Mod Menu now automatically occupies the removed "Send Feedback" and "Report Bugs" buttons when installed,

  • Improved the touch configuration for MidnightControls,

  • Fixed an issue where pinging any servers in multiplayer menu causes connectivity to not work out properly,

  • Fixed an issue where resource packs are sent twice when switching backend servers whilst connected to a proxy.

  • Disabled multiple mixins from Lithium,
  • Disabled the direct stacktrace mixin from ModernFix,
  • DIsabled the narrator hotkey.
  • Updated ViaVersion to 4.8.0,
  • Updated ViaBackwards to 4.8.0,
  • Updated ViaRewind to 3.0.0.
  • Filtered two more servers from viafabric as they are anti-cheat aggressive.

  • Updated Sodium to 0.5.2,

  • Updated Kotlin to 1.9.10,

  • Updated Fabric API to 0.87.0,

  • Updated ModernFix to 5.7.2.

  • Added console hooking mixin to sodium mixins list,
  • Updated Sodium to 0.5.1,

  • Updated Fabric API to 0.87.0,

  • Moved shader mixins to seperate category in sodium mixins list,

  • Removed ViaBackwards' unused chat-types configuration set.

! This is the modrinth update of MCWine to recommend the use of OpenGL 4.x instead of the 3.x series - macOS users will need to migrate over to windows/linux in future !

  • Updated Sodium to 0.5 - The biggest update yet,

  • Updated fabric loader to 0.14.22,

  • Updated fabric API to 0.86.1,

  • Updated ModernFix to 5.6.1,

  • Updated Remove-GFARB to 2.1.2,

  • Multiple bug fixes left-and-right,

  • Removed Entity Culling as requested by blanketcon due to it being horribly aggressive in terms of culling.

(This update has been pushed out as this modpack will become 3 years old starting in July 11th of 2023)

  • Re-Added compatibility support for Krypton in ViaFabric, However krypton itself will not be shipped to this modpack,
  • Fixed an issue where lithium's chunk tickets mixin was conflicting with modernfix's paper chunk patch mixin,
  • Fixed an issue where lithium's temperature cache mixin was conflicting with modernfix's own mixin variant,
  • Fixed an issue where trying to create a new world menu results in GUI buttons being transparent,
  • Fixed an issue where world seeds don't work properly when creating any worlds.
  • Removed the "Give feedback" and "Report bugs" buttons from escape menu,
  • Removed the "Player Reporting" button in favor of the classical greyed out "Open to LAN" button instead.
  • Restored the old application icon from 1.19.4,
  • Implemented the Cloth Config API for use in other mods that require it,
  • Sodium has been restored back to 0.4.10 due to memory leaks in 0.4.11,
  • FerriteCore now optimizes models on their sides,
  • MidnightControls now allows the player to hide the cursor while playing in controller mode,
  • Removed Starlight as the lighting engine in vanilla 1.20.x has been improved,
  • Removed TheGameratorT's title fixer mod as it has caused issues with resource packs that utilize titles for fading transitions,
  • The Non-Saved edge chunk mixin has been removed in ModernFix,
  • The Item mixin has been removed in Lithium.
  • Added forward compatibility support for final 1.20/1.20.1,
  • Updated API to 0.83.0,
  • Updated ModernFix to 4.2.1,
  • Updated Chat Reporting Helper to 1.4,
  • GUI Scale is now auto-set to 4x by default,
  • Removed Krypton as it is considered useless to have.
  • Added 1.20 Release Candidate 1 forward compatibility support,
  • Added ModernFix with specific tweaks.
  • Added 1.20 Pre-Release 7 forward compatibility support,
  • Updated Loader to 0.14.21,

  • Updated API to 0.82.0,

  • Updated two required dependencies.

  • Added 1.20 Pre-Release 5 Forward Compatibility Support,
  • Updated API to 0.81.1,
  • Updated No Chat Reporting to 2.1.2,
  • Updated Chat Reporting Helper to 1.2.
  • Added 1.20 Pre-Release 2 Forward Compatibility Support,
  • Temporarily replaced the entire sodium jar with an dev build instead until 0.4.11 is reuploaded or 0.4.12 comes out, (Pie chart size fix is included)

  • Essential mod has been marked as incompatible due to it breaking ViaFabric entirely,

  • Removed Mineplex from ViaFabric's blacklist as server has shut down forever.
  • Added support for 23w18a Forward Compatibility,
  • Restored Sodium's modern mixin systems from 1.19.3,
  • Updated API to 0.80.0,
  • Chat Reporting texts are now less harsher to read for novice players,
  • Updated the required dependency list to now ignore Mod Menu and make own recommendations.
  • Removed FastLoad in favor of FCLS.
  • Added 23w17a forward compatibility support,
  • Updated Kotlin.
  • Added more 3rd-party dimension names to ViaVersion config,
  • Added forward compatibility support for 23w16a,
  • Restored the old potion glinting effect,
  • Restored the old world creation menu in singleplayer,
  • Mod Menu config has been modified to fix button dislocation,
  • Fixed an typo in No Chat Reports' common config,
  • Updated the required minimal dependencies list,
  • FastLoad has been re-done once again in terms of functionality,
  • Mipmapping has been set to 2x instead of disabled,
  • Fixed an issue where respawning doesn't work properly,
  • Disabled 2 unneeded keybinds.
  • Re-Added FastLoad mod as it is now working with 1.19.4 properly,
  • Added 23w14a forward compatibility support,
  • Updated Fabric API to 0.77.0,
  • Fixed an issue where Minecraft's resource pack system resets all resource packs on first startup,
  • Blacklisted Minehut from being modifiable with ViaFabric.
  • Updated Minecraft itself to be on 1.19.4 which includes all 1.19.3-only mods to 1.19.4-only,

  • Updated the options.txt file to include new changes,

  • Updated Lithium's config to reflect the new mixin list,

  • Updated Fabric Loader's dependencies list to match 1.19.4's,

  • Blacklisted Minehut and few other servers from ViaFabric's protocol management system as they break the mod itself or contain anti-cheats in them,

  • Temporarily cut FastLoad jar itself as it is not 1.19.4-compliant yet.

  • Added support for 23w12a forward compatibility,
  • Modified the dependencies list to no longer include LazyDFU as it is "merged" into vanilla 1.19.4,
  • Removed all archived modrinth releases as they are unsupported and bugged.
  • Added support for 1.19.4 as Forward Compatibility,
  • Updated Fabric API to 0.76.0,

  • Updated Fabric Language Kotlin 1.9.2+kotlin.1.8.10.

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