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Enhances the vanilla experience with optimization, accessibility & compatibility using complex modification.


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To install MCWine, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and PolyMC.

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MCWine is a fabric-based modpack designed to bring better performance, brand new fixes, more accessibility and a compatibility system to allow players to connect to newer & older servers out of the box.

Mods Used For This Pack

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  1. It cannot be guaranteed that ViaFabric + ViaBackwards are allowed on specific servers as they can possibly cause problems with anti-cheat plugins,
  2. I do not take any responsibility for any issues caused by this pack - Any action you do is completely on your own,
  3. This modpack does not ship with mod menu as most configurations for each mod have been pre-baked. but you can install it regardless,
  4. Some mods will possibly contain bugs that can break this client - If you are sensitive to these issues; You can disable the specific mods to play without them.

GitHub Version

This modpack is available on GitHub as a heavy version, but will ship with more mods unlike this version; If you wanna check it out anyways then click here.


MCWine is licensed under MIT, a free and open-source license.