Modpack 26: A modpack for quilt that adds only what is needed.


  • An all new combat system to fix the current one
  • A dungeons like roll ability
  • More weapons and armor
  • Origins mod
  • More variant blocks
    • Variant crafting tables
    • Variant chests
    • Variant bookshelves
    • And more...
  • Extra decoration components courtesy of Supplementaries, Collective, and Clutter
  • New villages, structures, and terrain generation
  • Adds several of the outvoted and forgotten mob vote mobs
  • Lots of performance enhancing mods
  • Dynamic lights
  • And a few more smaller features (full list of mods within the version dependencies)

This modpack will be used for the Modpack 26 SMP (details not yet available)

This pack includes Explorers Compass
This pack includes Friends&Foes

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