A highly performance-optimized Modpack.

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OutPerform has been archived. OutPerform will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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== Update ==

This pack is no longer maintained. I'll be helping my friend with Sodium Plus from now on, so go check it out.


Thanks for all your support!


A highly performance-optimized Modpack with some fun mods that provides the highest FPS possible without burning down your computer.

Note: A 1.19 version is coming soon, however it is still in the works. Please be patient. Thanks!


Check out Sodium Plus! It's a modpack developed by my friend that tries to recreate the experience of OptiFine in Fabric, while also adding some other quality-of-life mods.

Sodium Plus: https://modrinth.com/modpack/sodiumplus

Included Performance Mods:

Mod Reason
Fabric It's modular, performant, and great. (we might switch to quilt soon)
Sodium Optimizations to the Minecraft rendering engine to make it more efficient.
Sodium Extra Extra things for Sodium
Indium Allows usage of the Fabric Rendering API in Sodium.
Concurrent Chunk Management Engine Performance improvements to the chunk engine and I/O
Cull Leaves Culling for leaf blocks
DashLoader Improves Minecraft client asset loading times with caching
Debugify Removes several Minecraft bugs
Dynamic FPS Lowers the FPS when the game is not focused
Enhanced Block Entities Helps performance with entity rendering
Ferrite Core Reduces Minecraft's memory usage
ForgetMeChunk Fixes large lag spikes when moving between chunks
Krypton Optimizes the Minecraft networking stack
Ksyxis Speeds up world load times
Lazy Language Loader Improves load times when changing the game language
LazyDFU Makes the DataFixerUpper "lazy," speeding up game load times
Lithium General-purpose optimizations
Not Enough Crashes Catches crashes and sends you to the main menu instead of closing the game
Particle Blocker Allows you to block specific particles
Phosphor Optimizes the lighting engine
PurpurClient Fixes many client-side bugs
SmoothBoot Makes Minecraft load smoother and faster

Included UX Mods:

Mod Description
AdvancementInfo Provides more information about advancements.
AntiGhost Removes ghost blocks.
AuthMe Allows you to refresh your session in-game.
Bedrodium A bedrock optimization layer.
Better Beds Improves rendering of beds.
Better Mount HUD Improves the HUD for when you've mounted an animal.
Better Taskbar Displays the loading progress on your taskbar.
BetterF3 Improves the F3 debug menu.
Blur Blurs the world when you are in the escape menu.
BoatHUD Displays a HUD when you are in a boat.
Bobby Allows for render distances greater than the server's.
Better Recipe Book Improves the recipe book.
Capes Allows capes from multiple mods and sources.
Custom Entity Models Allows loading and usage of custom entity models.
Chest Tracker Allows you to pinpoint the location of items in chests.
ClearDespawn Clearly shows you when items are about to despawn.
ClickThrough Allows you to click through signs and item frames and into chests.
Cloth Config An API for configuring mods.
Continuity Adds connected textures.
Don't Clear Chat History Doesn't clear the chat history when you reload a world or server.
DripSounds Adds sounds when things drip.
EasierChests / EasierCrafting Makes crafting and using chests easier.
Enchantment Lore Adds lore to enchantments.
EvergreenHUD Additions to the heads-up display.
Fabric Language Kotlin Allows the usage of the Kotlin language for mods.
FabriShot Better screenshots.
Falling Leaves Adds particle effects for falling leaves.
Figura Allows you to customize your character. Extensively.
FlightHelper Makes the usage of the elytra easier.
Flour's Various Tweaks Adds various features and tweaks.
Gamma Utils Basically fullbright for Fabric.
Here be No Dragons Removes the "Here be Dragons!" screen when loading a world.
Inspecio More tooltips.
Interactic Adds ways to interact with dropped items.
Inventory Profiles Next Improves inventory management.
Iris Shaders Incredibly high-performance shaders for Fabric.
Isometric Renders Higher resolution screenshots.
LambDynamicLights Adds Optifine's dynamic lighting to Fabric.
Language Reload Reloads languages without the resource pack on F3+J.
ModGet Mod installation GUI within the game!
ModManager A mod enabling/disabling option in ModMenu.
/mods Command A command (/mods) for mod management.
Monsters in the Closet Shows you the mobs preventing you from sleeping.
Mouse Tweaks / Mouse Wheelie Tweaks to the mouse.
No Telemetry Removes the telemetry in Minecraft.
Ok Zoomer Adds the Optifine zoom feature to Fabric.
Perspektive Adds the third-person-like thing on ALT.
PetOwner An addon for WTHIT that shows you who owns the pet you're looking at.
Presence Footsteps An overly complicated sound mod.
Reese's Sodium Options Tweaks the layout of the Sodium configuration screen.
Resounding More sounds!
Simple Voice Chat Proximity Chat for Minecraft.
Skip Transitions Skips the loading transitions (fading, etc.).
Stendhal Enhanced visual utilities.
StepUp Better auto-jump.
TieFix Fixes annoying bugs.
VTDownloader Download Vanilla Tweaks resource packs within the game!
Why am I on fire? Removes the fire overlay when you're not on fire.
WTHIT What The Heck is That - Shows you what block or entity you're looking at.

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