Sodium Plus

Sodium Plus


A client-side optimization modpack with a few extra tweaks.

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Created2 years ago
Updated2 months ago

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Sodium Plus

Before you download the latest version, look in the changelog tab on modrinth website to see if some versions have different features!


Sodium Plus aims to re-create the experience of the OptiFine mod, while still having the most resource-efficient Minecraft client you can have. It also comes with some visual tweaks, quality-of-life changes, and a couple of bug patches. A couple of these mods (such as Chest Tracker) you may not like, as it changes gameplay, even if it is only client-side. Because of this, I might make a fair play edition later on.

If you would like a CurseForge format version of this modpack, you can get it from our GitHub releases:

Please submit any bugs or feature requests on out GitHub issues page:

You shouldn't get banned or kicked for joining a 1.20.x version of the game, but might have issues with older versions. I am not responsible for any bans you might get!

List of mods:


Resource packs:

  • Default Dark Mode
  • Even Better Enchants
  • Hyper Realistic Sky

Note: If you're looking for OutPerform, it is no longer maintained. My friend is now helping me work on Sodium Plus, since he no longer works on OutPerform, and Sodium Plus is much better.

Old OutPerform versions can be found here:

If you would like to suggest anything, use out GitHub issues for now:

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