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To install Packed, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.


Vanilla-styled visual, auditory, and gameplay improvements packed into the client.

This modpack focuses on improving the client-side experience, while maintaining a vanilla feel. All mods within this modpack work independently of servers!

Built upon Packed Yellow.

⚙️ Features

Visual improvements

  • Dark mode by default
  • Shader pack preset to match vanilla styles
  • Armor bar reflects what's being worn
  • Player models are significantly improved
  • Environments are more interactive and immersive

Auditory improvements

  • Realistic player and entity footsteps
  • Additional sounds when interacting with your environment
  • Improvements to the in-game music

QOL improvements

  • Improved recipe book, replaces JEI-like mods
  • Simple editing of NBT data, command blocks, and books
  • Additional safety features (fixes for chat reporting)
  • Chat overhaul with spellcheck, emojis, and better suggestions
  • Various improvements to lacking UI elements
  • LAN worlds can access features typically locked to dedicated servers

Performance improvements

  • Utilizes the CaffeineMC suite of optimization mods
  • Utilizes Iris for fast shaders
  • Improvements regarding game and world load times
  • Focuses on improving performance without noticeable compromises
  • Includes safe and lesser-known performance tweaks

...and more!

I did not make any of the projects that make this modpack possible.
Make sure to give some love to the authors of the projects listed in /mods, /resourcepacks, and /shaderpacks!


What makes this different from other modpacks?

Packed aims to keep to the vanilla style, while still providing improvements.

For example, the provided shaderpack options don't make your game look like the latest AAA game release. Instead, the shadows are pixelated, and effects aren't blown out of proportion. The visuals are still amazing, while sticking to "Minecraft".

This also strives to achieve consistency between every element of the game. Information about enchanted books aren't included in the book's lore, rather contained within the book itself! Rather than using a mod such as JEI to list recipes, the recipe book is improved with many of the features from said mods.

There are many more tweaks and improvements in this modpack that follow this design style. Consistency is the primary goal of this project!

Does this work with OptiFine?

No. Nor is this fully* compatible with OptiFine resource packs. Packed modpack uses Sodium, Iris, etc.

  • Packed includes a few mods that add resource pack features from OptiFine, such as Continuity and CIT-resewn, but Packed itself doesn't aim to be fully OptiFine-compatible.
Is this modpack laggy?

Packed isn't laggy. However, it won't be as performant as other modpacks such as Simply Optimized or Fabulously Optimized. This is due to the amount of visual, auditory, and gameplay-enhancing mods in this pack.

The aforementioned modpacks focus purely on squeezing as much performance out of Minecraft as possible, while Packed aims to enhance the client's experience. If your computer struggles running this modpack, give the modpacks listed above a try!

©️ Credits

This pack uses a few resources located outside of Modrinth's ecosystem. As such, they are credited here.


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