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Simply Optimized

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The Simply Optimized modpack aims to provide a base of the best optimization mods available, configured for the maximum performance achievable. Thanks to countless hours of research, it often outperforms other optimization solutions in benchmarks, and when it doesn't, I investigate why to improve it further.

SO is built with maintainability and simplicity in mind. This means that little to no quality-of-life or visual enhancements are included in the pack by default - you are expected to add any non-optimization mods you want yourself.
If that causes issues, feel free to ask for support in our Discord server and we'll try to help out! Also join if you have any feedback you want to share - all is welcome.

This also means it can update to new Minecraft versions in a matter of hours or minutes and sometimes has versions for snapshots! Additionally, it's quick to recieve mod updates with new cutting-edge performance improvements. I strive to keep the pack as relevant as it can be at any given moment.

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The versioning format is <MC version>-x.y(.z), where

  • the MC version taken is the minor release the version of SO is for,
  • x is a mod list revision (addition/removal of a mod)
  • y is the config revision (incremented every time a config tweak is added or changed)
  • z is incremented when there's a version with only mod updates and little to no changes otherwise.

x.y.z is reset to 1.0.0 for every new MC release as different MC versions are very likely to have different mod sets available for them.

Derivative packs

You can use the configuration files from SO in your modpack as long as you make it clear in your modpack's description that you have (a note at the end is enough), preferrably with a link back to this page.

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