Simply Optimized

Simply Optimized

A lightweight modpack to heavily optimize the game without any QoL improvements.

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Created10 months ago
Updated4 days ago

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To install Simply Optimized, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.

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The Simply Optimized modpack intends to be a base pre-configured set of mods for performance. It only contains optimization mods, increasing your FPS, reducing slutters or speeding up loads, with countless tweaks to get the most out of them. For each new release, I try to bring the performance up, picking the best solutions possible.
One of its purposes is to be recommended to people new to Fabric who just want a selection of mods for the best performance without much else - instead of listing the mods manually, you can just link them here!

Unlike many other optimization modpacks, SO contains little to no QoL or visual enhancements, purely focusing on performance and striving to achieve perfection in this regard. This also makes it easy to maintain, meaning I can push out updates for new versions of Minecraft in a matter of hours or minutes, and (sometimes) even provide support for snapshots!

I can confidently claim this is the best optimization modpack in terms of performance as of now.

Also works on Quilt without issue! just replace Fabric API with QSL and you're (probably) good to go!

If you want comparable performance, but with QoL features, check out Additive! It's a modpack by my friend that aims to replicate many Optifine features while maintaining top performance.

No Chat Reports will also be included in all 1.19+ versions to ensure the safety of the players' accounts! Read the 1.19.1 FAQ from FO here, it's a good read and simular applies for SO anyway.

Included mods (17)
  • C2ME by ishland (Multithreading optimizations to chunk loading, generation and saving)
  • Enhanced Block Entities by FoundationGames (reimplements block (tile) entities for performance, it appears unmaintained and is still not present for 1.19.3)
  • Entity Culling by tr7zw (culls (=not renders) 90% unneeded entities in most cases)
  • Exordium by tr7zw (limits framerate on GUI elements for a huge performance boost with a neligible visual difference)
  • Fabric API (needed for many mods to function)
  • FastLoad by FluffyBumblebees (makes initial world creation/loading fast, decreasing the radius of chunks loaded and applying some pre-rendering and threading optimizations)
  • FerriteCore by malte0811 (memory usage optimizations)
  • ImmediatelyFast by RaphiMC (Immediate-mode rendering optimizations concerning many areas of the game)
  • Krypton by astei (networking optimizations, benefiting CPU usage)
  • LazyDFU by astei (makes datafixer compilation "lazy", that is, making load times way quicker and reducing lag spikes in the first few minutes of the game)
  • Lithium by the caffeinemc team (much known - general server-side optimizations)
  • Memory Leak Fix by fxmorin (helps with memory usage and load times)
  • More Culling by fxmorin (culls more block faces and other things for a small but welcome performance boost)
  • Smooth Boot by UltimateBoomer (allows setting thread priorities for the game's different tasks, and when used properly, can give a nice performance boost)
  • Sodium by the caffeinemc team (much known - rendering engine rewrite utilizing modern OpenGL features)
  • Starlight by spottedleaf (much known - lighting engine rewrite)
  • Very Many Players by ishland (Like Lithium, but more experimental. Mostly for servers - but even on clients, brings a good small performance boost in entity-heavy scenarios.)

Just in case...

The wiki has a lot of useful info!
Read the FAQ before suggestng mods; you can also check out post-install for some things you can do to get the most performance out of your game.

Performance comparasions

If you wanna see performance comparasions to vanilla and other packs, here they are. Feel free to submit yours on Discord!

    (MC 1.19.3; Vanilla/Optifine HD U H9 (1.19.2)/FO 4.6.0-alpha.12/Adrenaline 1.10.6-Fabric/SO 1.19.x - 7.0 - pre23)
    SO gives a 372.82% average FPS boost from vanilla for a fact (103->384 FPS)

    30+ modpacks compared in a spreadsheet, testing details included. SO produces a ~220% FPS increase over vanilla.

    13 modpacks compared, SO gives an around 6 times FPS increase over vanilla.


The version format is x.y,

where the x of a version is the revision (a mod list change), the y is the patch (an update to a mod(s) or a change to a config)

Whenever SO comes out for a new major Minecraft release, this is to be reset to 1.0, this approach will make things less linear and more like they are in reality - each MC version will probaly have an unique set of essential performance mods. Due to this, the MC version will always be specified in the name and the version number.