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A modpack for everyone. Prominence aims to focus on balance. Whether you like combat, exploration, magic or tech, you will not miss out on it! Prominence features lots of custom content. Including quests, custom end game gear, and a story campaign that unlocks with the player's progression. The modpack also features a custom talent tree inspired from games like Diablo and Path of Exile. It has its own unique style, with custom GUIs, textures, assets and music. Forge your own endgame by creating powerful custom artifact weapons with unique abilities Fight an endless engame with Mythic Challenges, infinitely scaling bosses with a new roster each week Choose your own style with Transmogrification, turn anything into anything! Join thousands of players in the official server: Prominence Realms. Featuring a chill, rankless MMORPG experience that you can invite all of your friends to play over.

šŸ”„ A fully powered up modpack, with balance between Combat, Exploration, Magic and Tech, and Custom Content! Giving you all the mods to enjoy! Whatever you like, let it be Combat, Tech, Exploration or Magic, you will not miss out on it

šŸ“„ Weekly updates! Enjoy updates with fixes and new content each week.

šŸ“š Lore & Story Campaign via quests. Progress through the modpack with the story, with new chapters every month.

āš”ļø Enhanced Combat Mechanics with Better Combat
šŸŒŽ Amazing World Generation with Tons of Structures to Explore
šŸ”§ Automatize Anything Using the Best Tech Mods
šŸŖ„ Become a Wizard, Sorcerer, Witch or Caster, and Enjoy Magic at your own Playstyle

šŸ‘„ Multiplayer friendly! Play with friends in your own server, or in the official SMP!

šŸ‘ļø Built-In Shaders. Including Complementary, Insanity, Pastel and Rethinking Voxels!

šŸŒŒ Explore Distant Planets with Ad Astra

šŸ° Over 1000 Structures to Explore, with dangerous dungeons and bosses

ā›“ļø 9 NEW Dimensions

šŸ›”ļø A Custom Talent Tree where you can build yourself your own class!

šŸ“– Guide Yourself Through the more than 500 Quests Serving as Guide and


āš™ļø Over 380 Mods, Prominent Content with Great Performance. 4GB Recommended 


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Published 8 months ago
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