Sodium Plus

Sodium Plus


A client-side optimization modpack with a few extra tweaks.

Client LightweightMultiplayerOptimization

Created2 years ago
Updateda month ago

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Hi everyone! Redstone here.

Sorry for the inactivity for a while, @NoSadBeHappy and I have been very busy with school, but I can finally update this pack again! This version brings some bug fixes, updates a lot of mods, updates Quilt, and adds a few new mods, too.


  • Calc Mod
  • Fadeless
  • LiLaC
  • Quilt Kotlin Libraries
  • Wakes


  • Slyde
  • NoFade
  • Fabric Language Kotlin


  • AdvancementInfo
  • AppleSkin
  • Architectury API
  • BetterF3
  • Chat Heads
  • Cloth Config
  • Collective
  • Continuity
  • Cull Leaves
  • DashLoader
  • Debugify
  • Durability Tooltip
  • Dynamic FPS
  • e4mc
  • Eating Animation
  • Entity Model Features
  • Entity Culling
  • Entity Texture Features
  • FabricSkyBoxes Interop
  • FabricSkyboxes
  • FabriShot
  • Falling Leaves
  • FastQuit
  • FerriteCore
  • FPS - Display
  • ImmediatelyFast
  • Indium
  • Iris
  • Jade
  • LambdaBetterGrass
  • LambDynamicLights
  • Language Reload
  • MaLiLib
  • Memory Leak Fix
  • ModMenu
  • MoreCulling
  • Mouse Wheelie
  • OptiGUI
  • Presence Footsteps
  • Puzzle
  • Quilt Standard Libraries
  • Reese's Sodium Options
  • Roughly Enough Items
  • Roughly Enough Professions
  • Roughly Searchable
  • Simple Voice Chat
  • Sodium Extra
  • Sodium
  • Sound Physics Remastered
  • Stack to Nearby Chests
  • SuperMartijn642's Config Lib
  • Visuality
  • Xaero's Minimap
  • Xaero's World Map
  • YetAnotherConfigLib
  • Zoomify

Updates (Resource Packs)

  • Chat Reporting Helper
  • Default Dark Mode
  • Fast Better Grass

Bug Fixes

  • Updated all mods
  • Updated quilt
  • Added Wakes

Hopefully a working version of v.2.2.8 with less overrides!

USE v.2.2.8-2 INSTEAD!

Uses no overrides unless needed.

USE v.2.2.8-2 INSTEAD!

Revert back a couple versions to sodium 4.x to fix

Add, replace fullbrightness toggle with cat eyes (seems to be a better mod) changed some default keybinds, so hopefully cats eyes works seamlessly for you!

Fixed major crashing in v.2.2.6 by updating all mods and removing bobby.

Added back the sodium mod donation button as requested by jellysquid here:

Added back all mods that were removed in v2.2.1 except for smooth boot. Updated all mods. Updated Quilt.

Release for Minecraft 1.20.1

Moved to quilt! Added LambaBetterGrass Added LambDynamicLights


  • Removed Smooth Boot (not needed)
  • Removed Where Is It / Chest Tracker
  • Removed Bobby
  • Removed LambDynamicLights
  • Removed Midnight Controls
  • Removed Indium

The full release for 1.20 or 1.20.1 will include all mods removed from this release unless noted.

Re-added some of the mods that were previously removed due to incompatibilities.

Note: LazyDFU will not be added back, as it is redundant as of 1.19.4.

  • Added Architectury API
  • Added Bobby
  • Added DashLoader
  • Added Durability Tooltip
  • Added Entity View Distance
  • Added Lazy Language Loader
  • Added Mouse Wheelie
  • Added Roughly Enough Items
  • Added Roughly Enough Professions
  • Added Roughly Searchable
  • Added Shulker Box Tooltip
  • Added Smooth Boot
  • Added Wavey Capes
  • Added Default Dark Mode
  • Added Even Better Enchants
  • Updated Chat Heads
  • Updated Chat Reporting Helper
  • Updated e4mc
  • Updated Entity Model Features
  • Updated Entity Texture Features (Fabric + Forge)
  • Updated Entity Texture Features
  • Updated Fabric API
  • Updated Indium
  • Updated Iris
  • Updated Jade
  • Removed LibJF
  • Updated MaliLib
  • Updated Midnight Controls
  • Updated Simple Voice Chat
  • Updated Sodium
  • Updated Sound Physics Remastered
  • Updated Xaero's Minimap
  • Updated Xaero's World Map
  • Updated YetAnotherConfigLib
  • Changed Main Menu Credits config
  • Removed Slyde

Sodium Plus gets an overhaul!

We have added a bunch of performance mods, most of which are heavily inspired by the pack Fabulously Optimised.

Sodium Plus has also been updated to 1.19.4, but due to this, we have had to remove some mods due to incompatibilities, so hopefully we will be able to add them back in as they update. The list of those mods is below.

  • LazyDFU
  • DashLoader
  • Wavey Capes
  • Logical Zoom (Replaced with Zoomify)
  • Default Dark Mode
  • Roughly Enough Items
  • ClickThrough
  • Entity View Distance
  • Bobby
  • Durability Viewer
  • Even Better Enchants
  • Better Beds
  • Mouse Wheelie
  • Smooth Boot

Also, @NoSadBeHappy broke Packwiz while working on this update, so the main branch on GitHub is currently broken. When he has time, @RedstoneWizard08 work on disaster relief.

Edit: Yeah, @NoSadBeHappy is apparently not very good at keyboard things (this is a joke, he's great, don't hate) so I had to fix all the issues. ๐Ÿ˜†

Actually updating all mods for better reliability.


Added Sound Physics Remastered (

Removed StepUp as some servers think of it as cheats.

Replaces Not Enough Crashes with Crafty Crashes as suggested by Iris Shaders.

Updated all mods, and added an LoD version back!

  • Removed First Person Model
  • Configured REI
  • Updated EntityCulling
  • Updated Architectury API
  • Added Continuity
  • Added MixinTrace
  • Added Fabric Skyboxes
  • Added Default Dark Mode (optional)
  • Added Even Better Enchants (optional)
  • Added Hyper Realistic Sky (optional)

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