T&A Explore

T&A Explore


A pack with exploration content, as well as things like Create for automation.

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Created7 months ago
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T&A Explore

The main designer of this modpack is my 10-year-old child. They have come up with an interesting combination of mods to allow for the exploring, building or even automation play style.

A lot of exploration content, as well as things like Create for automation.

  • Explore beautiful biomes
  • Discover interesting structures
  • Explore beautiful villages and get to know their names
  • Get to know the names of villagers
  • Play as any creature you have met (and killed) before, just keep an eye out for the sun if you want to be a zombie or skeleton
  • Build, build, build with a whole bunch of cool building mods
  • Make stuff even more beautiful by adding shaders (any shaders compatible with Iris will work, which is almost all of them)
  • Store stuff efficiently
  • Automate almost anything with Create


The following mods require links back to their Curseforge page for licensing purposes:

In addition, this is the shader pack we usually use (not included in this pack due to license terms):

In addition, the following mod is not allowed in Modrinth modpacks due to licensing restrictions. This must be manually downloaded and installed if needed:

  • Freecam - Optional client-side mod

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