T&A Explore

T&A Explore


A pack with exploration content, as well as things like Create for automation.

Client and server AdventureTechnology

Created10 months ago
Updated8 months ago

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T&A Explore 2.1.1-beta


OK, so version 2.1.0 was rejected because of:

  • The license terms on FTB mods
  • The fact that the Freecam is not allowed in Modrinth packs because it violates Modrinth content policy (Maybe because it can be a bit cheaty? I really don't know and can't be bothehred to try to find out because removing it doesn't break worlds).

The FTB mods are gone and not needed. If you want Freecam (not available on Modrinth), please add it manually.

So the real changes:

  • Upgraded Create Fabric to 0.5.1
  • Disabled Create Crafts & Additions pending release of a Fabric version for Create 0.5.1 (hence the Beta tag in this version)
  • Steam & Rails pending release of a Fabric version for Create 0.5.1 (hence the Beta tag in this version)
  • All mods except SpoornPacks (and myLoot, which is what needs SoornPacks) upgraded to latest.


minihud-fabric-1.19.2-0.23.3.jarAdded via overrides
Croptopia-1.19.2-FABRIC-2.2.2.jarAdded via overrides
mcw-fences-1.0.7-mc1.19.2fabric.jarAdded via overrides
NaturesCompass-1.19.2-2.1.0-fabric.jarAdded via overrides
journeymap-1.19.2-5.9.5-fabric.jarAdded via overrides
BountifulFabric-4.0.0.jarAdded via overrides
ctov-3.2.0.jarAdded via overrides
mcw-lights-1.0.5-mc1.19.2fabric.jarAdded via overrides
item-filters-fabric-1902.2.9-build.46.jarAdded via overrides
enderchests-fabric-1.19-1.1.1b.jarAdded via overrides
ExplorersCompass-1.19.2-2.2.0-fabric.jarAdded via overrides
dankstorage-1.19.2-4.3.jarAdded via overrides
morevillagers-fabric-1.19-4.0.2.jarAdded via overrides
MobCapturingTool-fabric-1.19-2.0.3.jarAdded via overrides
createdeco-1.3.3-1.19.2.jarAdded via overrides
Notes-1.19.2-2.0.0-fabric.jarAdded via overrides
mcw-bridges-2.0.7-mc1.19.2fabric.jarAdded via overrides
stoneholm-1.4.4.jarAdded via overrides
polylib-fabric-1900.0.2-build.73.jarAdded via overrides
Decorative Blocks-fabric-1.19.2-3.0.0.jarAdded via overrides
Kambrik-4.0-1.19.2.jarAdded via overrides
villagernames-1.19.2-4.5.1.jarAdded via overrides
malilib-fabric-1.19.2-0.13.0.jarAdded via overrides
netherportalfix-fabric-1.19-10.0.1.jarAdded via overrides
theoneprobe-fabric-1.19-6.2.2.jarAdded via overrides
shetiphiancore-fabric-1.19-1.3.4b.jarAdded via overrides
expandeddelight- via overrides
mcw-doors-1.0.9fabric-mc1.19.2.jarAdded via overrides
mcw-roofs-2.2.3-mc1.19.2fabric.jarAdded via overrides
mcw-trapdoors-1.0.9-mc1.19.2fabric.jarAdded via overrides
identity-2.6.1-1.19.1-fabric.jarAdded via overrides
spoornpacks-4.3.3-1.19.1.jarAdded via overrides
litematica-fabric-1.19.2-0.12.7.jarAdded via overrides
mcw-windows-2.1.2-mc1.19.2fabric.jarAdded via overrides
mcw-paths-1.0.2fabric-mc1.19.2.jarAdded via overrides
auto-clicker-fabric-1.19.2-1.4.2-build.19.jarAdded via overrides
replaymod-1.19.1-2.6.10.jarAdded via overrides
configured-fabric-2.0.0-1.19.2.jarAdded via overrides
betteranimalsplus-1.19.2-11.0.10-fabric.jarAdded via overrides
fabric-furnaces-2.2.0-1.19.2.jarAdded via overrides
guard-villagers-fabric-1.19.2-1.1.2.jarAdded via overrides
Structory_1.19.3_v1.3.1a.jarAdded via overrides
thonkutil-2.15.4+1.19.jarAdded via overrides


T&A Esplore 2.1.1-beta.mrpack(43.58 MiB) Primary Download

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