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Welcome to Tillage!

Welcome to Tillage.

#1 Realistic Medieval Modpack! By

Where farming is your lifeline and strategic expansion is your path to greatness.

This isn't your typical RPG. Instead, it's a thrilling journey of survival where the seasons change, technology evolves, and the dangers of wildlife are stronger than you. As you cultivate your lands and create lush farms, navigate diverse biomes and interact with others, you'll find yourself tested throughout your adventures.

Tillage is more than a modpack. It's a way of life.

Here's our main features:

  • 🌲 Focused on Nature. Slow progression is key.

  • 💧 Thirst. Drink clean water to stay hydrated.

  • 🍲 Hunger. Balanced and varied diets create a healthy you!

  • 🍂 Realistic Seasons. Seasons and time passes much slower.

  • 🦍 Much more Wildlife. New hostile and friendly creatures to learn about.

  • 🎒 Backpacks! Carry all that extra loot with you!

  • 🛡️ Improved Combat. Better fighting mechanics!

  • 🌸 Realistic World Generation Plenty of Biomes to explore on your adventures.

  • 💰 Economy. Trade with bronze, silver, and gold coins.

  • 🥗 Cooking! Create complex meals!

  • 🍺 Brew Alcohol! Perfect for parties!

  • ⛵ Boats & Ships. Travel across the vast oceans on real ships!

  • 🗡️ Extra Weapons & Armor. So many options to choose from!

  • 🙋 Emotes. Express how you feel!

  • 🎙️ Voicechat. Voice chat for MP with added sound features!

  • 🔊 Enhanced Sounds! Makes the game sound way better!

  • ✨ Magic. Balanced Magic wands and features.

  • 🌾 Featuring "Excalibur". The Best Medieval themed resource pack!

  • ⚙️ Very Well Optimized for the best experience.

  • 👀 Built to be more realistic than any other modpack.

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Tillage is Multiplayer too!

Come join fellow Tillagers on the integrated roleplay server!

Join our Discord for Development and More!


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