Zombie Invade 100 Days

Zombie Invade 100 Days


僵尸入侵 100 天(高版本惊变重制)—— Same as Forge Labs 100 Days Zombie Apocalypse in new Minecraft

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以著名的僵尸启示录为原型,加上一些具有新功能的新模组在 Minecraft 新版本中制作的丧尸围城整合包!旨在尽可能多地还原僵尸启示录。


  • 如果你想要更有趣和更具挑战性的游戏,可以在创建世界时点击数据包按钮并添加 Zombie Invade Nether End(僵尸入侵下界和末地) 和 Horde Nights(怪物之夜,即血月) 至右侧来加载它们。
  • 建议使用超平坦模式。(实现以村庄为根据地、建设防御工事的流程;当然也可以游玩正常世界)
  • 无需后期的手动调整,进入世界后,打开聊天栏并点击[点这里]按钮即可开始游戏!(若游戏过难/容易可修改 Zombie Game 模组的数值)


  • 发表评论可以转到 MC百科 页面
  • 1.2 版本已同步发布服务端整合包(版本页面底部带 server 标注文件)
    • Windows 用户运行 startserver.bat 文件安装并启动服务器
    • 其他系统请直接运行 Forge 安装器 forge-xxx-installer.jar(需要已经正确安装的 Java),完成后运行带 start 字样的脚本启动服务器
  • 整合包的核心模组为 僵尸游戏(Zombie Game) (感谢作者 阿骏/Aljun2007 使我产生了制作整合包的想法)


Remake from Famous modpack Zombie Apocalypse, in new Minecraft with new features and mods! The pack aims to restore Zombie Apocalypse as much as possible.

Start your game

  • If you want more interesting and challenging, you can click Data Packs button and add these datapacks when creating new world: Zombie Invade Nether End and Horde Nights.
  • It's recommended to play in flat world type. (Process for building fortifications based on villages. Of course you can still play normally)
  • After join your world, open chat and click [Click Here] button and start the game without management of game state! (You still can change values of mod Zombie Game, if too easy/hard)


  • Version 1.2 has released the server-side pack (file named by server, bottom of the version page)

    • Windows users run the startserver.bat file to install and start the server
    • For other systems, run the Forge installer forge-xxx-installer.jar directly (needs a Java that has been installed correctly),then run the script with start to start the server
  • The core mod of the modpack is Zombie Game (Thanks to the author Aljun2007 for giving me the idea to make this modpack)

  • The language of this pack was set to Chinese Simplified,you may set to others and disable/remove the following resourcepacks for Chinese translation.

    • Jade 汉化.zip
    • SpartanWeaponry 汉化.zip
    • Xaeros地图+OPAC模组汉化包.zip
    • 夸克[Quark]配置汉化.zip
    • 真实物理[PhysicsMod]汉化.zip
    • Minecraft-Mod-Language-Modpack-Converted-xxx.zip (If there is)

    Also disable/remove the following mods.

    • IMBlocker (If you don't use an input method)
    • I18nUpdateMod
    • Just Enough Characters
Detail features have restored

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