ActivityRoles is a simple plugin that allows you to grant players roles in your Discord server based on their in-game play time.

This plugin uses DiscordSRV as the linking system between your Minecraft server and Discord server, so make sure that you have it installed and setup using the linking.yml file in DiscordSRV's configuration.

There are two types of syncs:

  • Giving a player a role based on how long they have ever played on the server. (type: "total")
  • Giving a player a role based on how recently they have played on the server. (type: "seen")

You can list times in either minutes, hours, days, or weeks, by using "m", "h", "d", or "w"

NOTE: Offline players will only have their "seen" roles synced, they must be online to have their "total" role synced. This is a MC limitation.

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