A rapidly growing teleportation plugin looking to break the boundaries of traditional TP plugins.

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Advanced Teleport, despite the name, is a very simple plugin that handles multiple teleportation functions that other plugins may not be able to handle - or, very simply, does them better.

As of currently, this includes: ​

  • Handling of teleportation requests » Containing all of the basics, including /tpa, /tpahere, /tpcancel... you name it!
  • Enable and disable teleport requests » If you don't want to receive teleport requests at all you can simply disable them for yourself using one command.
  • Take care of multiple pending teleport requests » This plugin allows you to take care of multiple pending teleport requests.
  • Sound Alerts » For /tpa and /tpahere, you're able to get a sound notification when you receive a request!
  • Blocking feature » If a player keeps sending you a teleport request and you get annoyed by it you can simply block them from sending a teleport request to you with only one command.
  • Random/Wilderness Teleportation » Advanced Teleport contains a Random Teleport feature, which shoots you off to a random location in the world - the main difference is, it's the fastest RTP in the west and can instantly teleport you to a random location without lagging your server! *
  • Pre-teleportation warm-ups » Periods that take place between confirming teleportation and commencing it. You can also choose whether moving cancels the teleportation!
  • Command cooldown » Prevents players from spamming AT's teleporting commands. You can decide whether the cooldown applies to all commands, or is per-command.
  • Largely Configurable » You can configure the vast majority of the plugin!
  • Vault Support » You can make teleport requests cost money! In order to do that you would have to enable the Vault function in the config.yml file. Prices for sending teleport requests can be changed as well!
  • Item Payments » In addition to Vault support, you can also make your teleport requests - and other commands - cost items instead! (Currently does not support NBT)
  • Warps » You can make warp points and teleport to them!
  • Interactive signs » You can create signs which warp you to a warp point, teleport you to a random place or even more!
  • Homes » You can set home points to your location in case you want to get back there sometime!
  • Accessible Warps and Homes List » You can interact with the homes and warps list by clicking on a home/warp and it'll teleport you there! You can also hover your mouse over the home/warp to see its location.
  • Distance Limitations » Restrict how far your players can travel across the world by using AT's distance-limiting feature!
  • Cross-World and In-World Limitations » Stop players teleporting within, to and from a world!
  • Per-World Respawn Mechanics » Choose how your players respawn in different worlds - at the spawn, at a specific warp, at a random location or in their bed?
  • Specialised Spawn System » AT has a special spawn system that allows you to set different spawnpoints for different worlds, mirror spawns in different worlds to one spawnpoint, and even set spawnpoints for people with certain permissions or ranks! (This last part requires a permission plugin)
  • Offline Teleporting » You can teleport to offline players using Advanced Teleport, a unique feature the majority of other plugins disregard - so if you have players stuck inside corrupted chunks or want to check where they last were, you're now able to do this with ease.
  • Customisable Messages » 99% of the messages can be customized including the help menu and error messages! (Customizable messages can be found in the CustomMessages.yml)

And much more!

* This feature requires Paper (server type) to be used. This is called the Rapid Response system, which pre-selects a number of locations before people use a sign or /rtp. Although rare, a possible side effect of this system is slower shutdown times due to chunks possibly generating as the server shuts down. If you have problems with this, please try pre-generating your world!

Commands and Permission Nodes

Member commands can be found here.

A list of administrator commands can be found here.

And lastly, a table of permissions can be found here.

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