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ajLeaderboards is a plugin to allow you to create leaderboards for basically anything using PlaceholderAPI placeholders.


* Supports server versions 1.8.x-1.20.x
* Can be used with almost any plugin
* Can show player prefixes/suffixes on the leaderboard
* Make top npcs (see wiki)
* Make top signs (fully customizable)
* Player's heads above signs
* Players heads on armorstands
* Display leaderboard in several formats
* MySQL supported (to make sure leaderboards are synced)
* "Extra" placeholders (allows you to display separate placeholders alongside the leaderboard)
* Timed leaderboards (hourly, daily. monthly, etc)
* More features to come! (request them)


A leaderboard displayed using holograms

2.png A npc leaderboard using Citizens

3.png?r=2 A sign leaderboard (using the built-in signs) with heads.
(also supports armorstands, and heads are not required)

Interactive hologram leaderboards using DecentHolograms


You must have PlaceholderAPI installed!

Setup is pretty simple.

You just use the /ajleaderboards add command to start tracking a placeholder, then as players join they will be added to the leaderboard.

To display the leaderboard, you use the PlaceholderAPI placeholders

To read a more detailed (and explained) guide, check out the wiki

Use code AJG0702 to get 50% off! (new clients only)


If you have any questions, suggestions, or issues with the plugin, please contact me on Discord



This plugin collects anonymous usage information via bStats. It can be disabled in bStats' config file.



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