Devotions - Deities and Blessings ⛧†

Devotions - Deities and Blessings ⛧†


Customizable Deities for players to interact with!

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Example Use:

This plugin is inspired by my love for some older RPG games with similar mechanics. I've seen other plugins here try similar things but unfortunately they don't seem to be supported anymore. This plugin also aims to be highly customizable. It is for servers that want to add another layer of depth for their players. Create any religion you want, tell your own stories!

Be sure to take a look at the wiki if you're setting up the plugin. Please contact me on Discord if you need help or have any suggestions.

Current Features:

  • Create deities for players to worship, each with their own details
  • Favor system with each deity that shows where the player stands with them
  • Blessings or miracles might occur if favor is high, if its too low curses may afflict the player.
  • Customizable chances for all events.
  • Miracles have effects based on the player's condition. Save them from death, stop them from burning, repair their items, and more!
  • Players can dedicate shrines to their deity with a customizable limit
  • Create rituals with customizable objectives and commands on completion
  • Customizable sounds config
  • PlaceholderAPI support

Planned Updates:

  • MMOItems support
  • Customizable chat messages


  • devotions.admin - Allows use of admin commands (default op)
  • devotions.shrine.list - List all shrines/tp to them (default op)
  • devotions.shrine.set - Dedicate a shrine (default everyone)


  • %devotions_deity% - show player's deity
  • %devotions_favor% - show current favor amount
  • %devotions_favor_top% - formatted list of top 3 players and their favor amounts

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