Devotions - Deities and Blessings ⛧†

Devotions - Deities and Blessings ⛧†


Customizable Deities for players to interact with!

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Created7 months ago
Updated3 months ago

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Added support for potions in rituals and offerings. Here's how to format them: item: "VANILLA:POTION_SPEED"

IMPORTANT: Make sure to copy/paste the contents of your shrines.yml and playerdata.yml into the new storage.yml file as shown here.

Other Changes:

  • Fixed an issue with the javascript engine, switched to using Rhino for the library
  • /deity info or /deity select with no args returns selected deity's info, or prompts you to pick one
  • Favor decay messages stop displaying if favor is at 0
  • Some people were having issues with multiple deities, I think it was a concurrency issue should be fixed now.
  • Better handling for invalid rituals. Will remove item and log error, and fail the ritual on the player's end
  • Items are placed only after checking if they are a valid ritual/offering
  • SQlite and MySQL storage options
  • Added bStats
  • /deity abandon to leave your devotion
  • fixed bug with cooldowns
  • favor messages make more sense if you put unexpected values - also fixed where I forgot to put negative values for the new method lol
  • new permissions: devotions.favor for /favor, allows /deity


  • Cooldowns only checked on valid offering/ritual. This ensures you don't have to wait for a cooldown if you tried to start a ritual with an invalid item.
  • Fixed missing shrine.cooldown message. Will now generate in lang.yml files
  • Entering /deity with no args now displays your deity's info.
  • Warning if more than one ritual has the same key item - rituals are intended to have a unique item to start.

Started working on things mentioned in

  • Fixed issue where rituals were starting regardless of deity
  • Added /ritual cancel to cancel rituals partway through
  • Added penalties for moving during meditation (lightning as warning, cancel ritual if player keeps moving)
  • Added permission for /deity (true by default)
  • Issues relating to multiple favor tickers fixed

Also working on the other suggestions with running commands at ritual start, config updates, etc but will take a bit longer to do.

Quick update to fix some of the issues mentioned on Github, the following issues should be fixed:

  • Blocks being placed on offering
  • More than one favor count after switching between deities

ALSO add: decay-when-offline: false to your config. False by default, unless you want people to have to login to maintain their favor

Features added:

  • Javascript expressions with PlaceholderAPI as ritual conditions. This should allow for any custom conditions you want as long as there's a placeholder for it. Requested by SilentAssassin9.

  • Option to disable restricting shrines to certain players. Add all-players-can-interact-with-shrines: true to your config.yml. Requested by KidoAkira.

  • Option to run a list of commands when an offering is accepted. Refer to the wiki for the updated syntax. Requested by Yash Pandey.

This should also address some of the issues that were happening with rituals. Next update I'll get database support implemented.

Should fix issues with offerings/rituals

  • Fixed issues with favor text being parsed on Spigot and Paper servers, should work without issue on both servers including color changes.
  • In /testmiracle command, you now use numbers to pick the miracle - so you can easily select long command strings
  • Fixed an error on disable
  • Inform players if they try to designate an existing shrine
  • Started working on "saved" items.

⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ To lay the grounds for future implementation of saved items I had to adjust how items are formatted in offerings and rituals.

Please update your Deities.yml as such:

    name: "Baphomet"
    lore: "A mysterious deity often associated with the occult."
    domain: "Occultism"
    alignment: "Evil"

And your Rituals.yml:

    display_name: "Ritual of Deep Meditation"
    description: "Attain inner peace and spiritual enlightenment"
    favor: 25
      time: "DAY"

This version should address any errors in console related to the plugin's chat messages. Language support was also added thanks to leob99!

Plugin messages should now be updated to your locale, only English and Deutsche are supported at the moment.

IMPORTANT Make sure to add these options to your config.yml! use-player-client-locale: true default-locale: "en"

Changes made:

  • Added tabcomplete to /devotions reload
  • Fixed issue where shrine event listener was registering twice on plugin reload
  • Fixed issue where deities would load twice on plugin reload
  • Removed some leftover debug messages
  • Added 3 placeholders
  • Favor text changes color based on amount

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