Devotions - Deities and Blessings ⛧†

Devotions - Deities and Blessings ⛧†


Customizable Deities for players to interact with!

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Devotions - Deities and Blessings ⛧† 1.2.8-beta


Added support for potions in rituals and offerings. Here's how to format them: item: "VANILLA:POTION_SPEED"

IMPORTANT: Make sure to copy/paste the contents of your shrines.yml and playerdata.yml into the new storage.yml file as shown here.

Other Changes:

  • Fixed an issue with the javascript engine, switched to using Rhino for the library
  • /deity info or /deity select with no args returns selected deity's info, or prompts you to pick one
  • Favor decay messages stop displaying if favor is at 0
  • Some people were having issues with multiple deities, I think it was a concurrency issue should be fixed now.
  • Better handling for invalid rituals. Will remove item and log error, and fail the ritual on the player's end
  • Items are placed only after checking if they are a valid ritual/offering
  • SQlite and MySQL storage options
  • Added bStats
  • /deity abandon to leave your devotion
  • fixed bug with cooldowns
  • favor messages make more sense if you put unexpected values - also fixed where I forgot to put negative values for the new method lol
  • new permissions: devotions.favor for /favor, allows /deity


Devotions-1.2.8-beta.jar(1.64 MiB) Primary Download

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