Discover a new gaming experience in Minecraft with AI. A unique NPC will accompany you everywhere you go in this vast and infinite world. You will be able to build your village together, share your passions and discover new exciting activities.

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Friend-GPT 💎

This Minecraft plugin adds a unique friend villager who interacts with players using the GPT-4 AI. The villager is designed to be a conversation companion for players, providing a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

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After installing the plugin on your server, the administrator must set their OpenAI API key using the setAPIKEY command followed by the API key. For example:

/setAPIKEY sk-xxxxxxxxxxxx

This will allow the plugin to use the GPT-4 AI to generate responses for the villager.

Features 🥰

  • To chat with the villager, you must look at him for him to respond.
  • The villager does not die and follows you everywhere on the server.
  • He answers all your questions and engages in discussions on any topic.
  • The villager is designed to be your friend in the game, providing a more personal and engaging gaming experience.
  • Future features will include the ability for the villager to perform actions based on what players tell him.

Usage 🎉

Once the plugin is installed and the API key configured, the friend villager will appear when players join the server. Players can interact with the villager by asking questions or engaging in conversations on any topic. The villager will respond using the GPT-4 AI to provide a realistic and engaging conversation experience.

Future updates to the plugin will include additional features, such as the ability for the villager to perform actions based on player instructions.

Support 📎

If you encounter any issues with this plugin or have suggestions for future improvements, please feel free to contact in community Discord. We are happy to help and improve this plugin to provide the best possible experience for Minecraft players.

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