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Player flags for grief prevention claims

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GriefPrevention Flags is a plugin to allow players to set flags for GriefPrevention claims. Either a single claim or a global flag for all claims. It's similar to WorldGuard, but it's more performant, easier to use, and includes many more useful flags than WorldGuard does. It also doesn't require WorldEdit to run (unlike WorldGuard). Admins can also empower players to self-serve by giving them access to specific flags, which they can then only use on land claims they own.


  • GriefPrevention
  • McMMo (Optional)
  • Vault (Optional)
  • MythicMobs (Optional)
  • EliteMobs (Optional)

See the wiki for all available commands and permissions

See the wiki for all available flags

Support is provided in the Birdflop Discord.

Development builds can be found at and in the support Discord. I recommend using them as they have bug fixes and new features.