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HuskChat is a no-frills, simple and customisable chat system for Minecraft networks. It supports both running on BungeeCord and Velocity frontend servers for cross-server chat, or on a single-server Spigot setup.

It's designed to be easy to configure with an elegant out-of-box setup, while also being highly configurable, suiting a variety of use cases by allowing you to define channels and manage who can send and receive messages within them.

⭐ Works great out of the box

Install on your Spigot server or Velocity/BungeeCord-based proxy and use right away

⭐ Display user roles

Hooks with LuckPerms to display user prefixes and suffixes

⭐ Private messaging

Private messages—including group DMs&mdash and replying, admin spy features

⭐ Fine-tune channels

Set channel send/receive permissions, send to a discord webhook, filter & more!

⭐ Quick and easy to use

Super simple set of commands. Define channel shortcut commands, too!

⭐ Advanced profanity checking

Machine learning powered English profanity filtering

⭐ Filters & replacers

Customizable spam limiting filter, anti-advertising & special emoji

⭐ Modern formatting

Utilise modern 1.16+ formatting, with RGB and Gradient support via MineDown

Ready? Let's talk!

HuskChat requires the following:

  • Java 16+
  • A Spigot (1.16.5+) Minecraft server (for single-server setups) OR a Velocity (recommended) or BungeeCord/Waterfall-based proxy server
Helpful links to get you started:
  • Website — Visit my website!​
  • Docs — Check the HuskChat docs!​
  • Discord — Get support, ask questions!​
  • bStats — Check out the plugin metrics!​ (Also: Velocity)
  • GitHub — Check out the plugin source code!​
  • Setup — Read the setup instructions!​

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