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Create locale ru-ru.yml (#138)

  • Create ru-ru.yml

  • Some translate missing

HuskChat 2.6.2 adds support for Spicord (to enable two-way chat between in-game and Discord).

  • Added support for hooking with Spicord for two-way Discord chat (#127)
    • A new spicord section under discord has been added to the config.yml file
    • Allows two-way chat from both Minecraft to Discord and Discord to Minecraft, by defining channel ID <-> in-game channel send/receive maps. You can also define how Discord usernames be displayed in-game.
    • You can still just use a Webhook if you prefer

To update, just drag+drop. You may wish to regenerate your config file if you'd like to use the new features. Thanks!

Add Spicord Hook, two-way Discord support (#139)

  • Add Spicord support

  • docs: Add docs for Spicord support

  • Fixup bugs with Spicord support, improve bukkit/bungee logging

  • Add option to customize Discord username format

  • Fix discord_handle placeholder in Settings

  • Bump to 2.6.2

  • relocate mc-discord-serializer

  • add links to Discord Hook in docs

  • add little todo note for the future

  • docs: mention adding to addons of Spicord config.toml

  • docs: Update config file

HuskChat 2.6.1 is a hotfix update. It also adds French (fr-fr) locale support.

  • Added French (fr-fr) locales, courtesy of XeroLe1er
  • Fixed the Discord webhook supporting mass-ping mentions

To update, drag+drop. No config changes!

Bump to 2.6.1

discord: fix being possible to tag everyone

Bump space.arim.morepaperlib:morepaperlib from 0.4.2 to 0.4.3 (#135)

Bumps space.arim.morepaperlib:morepaperlib from 0.4.2 to 0.4.3.


  • dependency-name: space.arim.morepaperlib:morepaperlib dependency-type: direct:production update-type: version-update:semver-patch ...

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]>

HuskChat 2.6 adds support for running HuskChat on standalone Spigot/Paper/Folia servers and makes a couple of fixes.

  • You can now run HuskChat on a standalone Spigot server (#133)
    • For cross-server messaging, you still just need to install the plugin on your BungeeCord/Velocity proxy
    • HuskChat on Spigot supports running Placeholders with just PlaceholderAPI
    • /localspy is not available on Spigot and the effects of channel scopes differ; check the docs for more details
  • Added the ability to configure the PAPIProxyBridge cache time (#129)
  • You can also now just turn off PlaceholderAPI/PAPIProxyBridge hooking

To update, just drag+drop. If you want to see the new settings for configuring placeholder hooks, you should regenerate your config file.

Unmark waterfall as supported

Mark waterfall as supported

Finally fixup hangar publishing

tiny logic cleanup

workflow: Fixup dependencies

workflows: Specify game versions

Update workflows

Port to Bukkit, support running on a standalone server (#133)

  • Port to bukkit.

  • Specify API version, fixup main path

  • double fixup main path

  • Register event dispatcher onEnable

  • Delegate audience registration too

  • Bukkit PAPI support, PAPI cache config, update docs, close #129

  • Update license headers

  • Bump junit to 5.10.0

  • Change default group message size to 10

HuskChat 2.5.1 is a hotfix update to fix a few issues in the previous release.

  • Fixed the PAPIProxyBridge hook not working correctly on BungeeCord servers
  • Fixed the default Placeholder parser not working if the PAPIProxyBridge parser was enabled

To update from 2.5, just drag+drop.

Ensure placeholder replacers process in sequence

Tweak PAPIProxyBridge hook

compileOnly PAPIProxyBridge

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