Show your HuskHomes homes in an easy-to-use GUI menu

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HuskHomesGUI is a GUI add-on plugin for HuskHomes v3.x on Spigot servers. It provides a chest-style graphical user interface (GUI) for browsing home and warp lists as well as editing homes.

It replaces the chat menu system that is built into HuskHomes when you type /homelist, /phomelist or /warplist and includes anvil-based rename and description editing functionality to allow for easy editing.

Menu screenshot

If you prefer to browse using a menu, or would like better support for Bedrock players connecting over Geyser, then this add-on is for you.


  1. Have HuskHomes v3.x+ installed on your server(s)
  2. Download HuskHomesGUI and place it in your server's ~/plugins/ folder


Simply use the list commands you are familiar with to bring up a list of homes or warps. Then you can left-click to teleport to a home/warp, right click to edit it, and shift-left click to change the icon of the home in the list to match the type of item in your main hand. Use the page navigation buttons to switch pages.