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Bump boosted-yaml from 1.3 to 1.3.1 (#14)

Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]>

Add Spanish locales courtesy of Revoolt, update credits

HuskHomesGUI 2.1 adds a config file for changing how the menus look, locale customization support and new editor menus—including anvil naming and description support—for easily modifying homes and warps. Thank you to @ApliNi for their work on this update!

  • Added new menus for editing a home or warp
  • Added an anvil interface when renaming or editing the description of a home or warp through the GUI
  • Added a config file, for changing the item types used and size of the menus
  • Added a locales file, for customizing the plugin messages.
  • Added some more control options to better support Bedrock Edition users playing via Geyser
  • You can now drag an item and click with it over the home/warp in the menu to update its' icon
  • Fixed an issue where icons could reset in some cases
  • Added Simplified Chinese (zh-cn) localisation (accessible by modifying the language config option).

To update, just drag+drop.

Minor formatting tweaks

Fix plugin version parser

Fix incorrect version string in plugin.yml; update modrinth publish ver

Fix use of deprecated HH API

Bump to v2.1; fix library shading, update API

HuskHomesGUI v2.0.1 updates the plugin to use MineDown-adventure for compatibility with HuskHomes v3.0.4+

  • The plugin now uses MineDown-adventure on the adventure platform

To update, just drag+drop.

Tweak kyori shading

v2.0.1: HuskHomes v3.0.4 and MineDown-adventure support

HuskHomesGUI 2.0 is a rewrite of HuskHomesGUI v1 and adds compatibility for HuskHomes v3 and brings with it a new GUI menu design, warp browsing in a menu, cross-server icon synchronisation and the ability to choose icons based on what you are holding in your hand.

Note: HuskHomesGUI v2 is a rewrite; or rather, a new plugin—it is no longer a fork of HomeGUI. The license of HuskHomesGUI has changed from the GPL3 to the Apache 2.0 license.

New features & changes

  • Updated to support HuskHomes v3.0+. HuskHomesGUI v2 is not compatible with HuskHomes v1.x or v2.x.
  • Warps and public homes are now shown in a menu rather than through the default chat list. Each menu has a different filler glass pane to represent them
  • Added the ability to set the icon of a home to the item in your hand by shift+clicking on it while holding something
  • Home icons now synchronise cross-server through the SavedPosition meta tags API provided by HuskHomes v3
  • Improved pagination, with new "jump to first/last page" buttons.
  • Removed the ability to delete homes with the middle mouse button.
  • Removed the ability to represent homes with dyed leather boots; this is no longer necessary with the new icon synchronisation approach
  • Temporarily removed the ability to customise locales—sorry! This will be back in the next update when I can.

To update, just drag+drop—though make sure you have upgraded HuskHomes to v3 first. Configuration options for this plugin have been removed for now, but will probably be re-added soon. Contributions are welcome!

Add click prompts to item icon hover

Include git head in version number

Note: This is the initial release version available on Modrinth!

This version of HomeGUI for HuskHomes fixes a crashing issue with 1.2.1 and bumps a few dependencies. It is designed to run with HuskHomes 2.6.2. To update, simply drag+drop.