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Journey will help you and your players navigate your server by quickly calculating a path to get there, whether it be walking, swimming, boating, flying, going through portals, or even teleporting with commands.

If you die, use /jt death to navigate to where you died. If you need help getting out of a cave, use /jt surface. If you want to go to the nether, try /jt the_nether.

You can also set custom locations called waypoints. For example, try /journey setwaypoint home, then type /jt home anywhere on the server to find your way back.

If you would prefer a GUI, you can simply type /jt and click on the place you want to go.

Check out the wiki to learn how to use Journey!

Use Journey with your Server's Plugins

Journey also can work with other plugins. We recommend you use the corresponding "integration plugin" on your server if you use any of these popular plugins:

  • EssentialsX by mdcfe -- download JourneyEssentials
    • When traveling from place to place, users may be prompted to teleport using Essentials teleport commands
    • For a more vanilla experience, disallow teleportation. Users may still travel to existing warp or home locations using Journey.
  • NotQuests by Alessio -- download JourneyNotQuests
    • Enable Journey on your quest objectives to automatically help your players navigate to the objective location as soon as they activate it!

Learn more on the wiki.

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Or have any other requests? Use the issue tracker

Are you a developer?

Do you want to help with Journey? Journey is open source. Are you developing your own plugin? You can leverage Journey's helpful and growing API to give your plugin powerful navigation features!

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