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Changelog Major Update - Furina


Focalors & Furina, Artist Tiko

For the Lunar New Year, QuickShop-Hikari has received a new major update that includes several feature updates for large networks and transaction-oriented servers. At the same time, we also fixed some bugs.

New Features

Shop History

The new Shop History feature allows you to open a store history panel for all past trade requests that have occurred in this store.
At the same time, you will be able to see your Most Valuable Customers, showing those players who have made the most transactions in your store.
The panel also will allow you to view the number and value of transactions for the last 24h, 3d, 7d, 30d, all-time, and unique purchasers count.
This feature is based on a long-existing transaction logging system, so after you upgrade, you can view the transaction history that created before the upgrade.

Change the shop sign material

New command /quickshop sign <material> that allow users to change their shop's info sign material.

Transfer Shop Ownership

Added New command /quickshop transferownership for shop transfer.

  • This new command will allow player request to transfer a shop to another player, without re-create the shop.
  • To complete the transfer, the requested player must accept the transfer request.
  • To avoid ambiguity, the old /quickshop transfer command is now renamed /quickshop transferall.

Price Suggestion

New command /quickshop suggestprice that calculates the most expensive price, the cheapest price, the average price, and the median price for other stores on this server that have the same items and selling patterns as the current store, so that players can set appropriate prices for their stores.


  • [Addon][Discoumt] New command /quickshop discount listall
    • The new command allows server administrators to list all discount codes on the server for better management.
  • [Addon][Slimefun] New Addon to allow the use Item Expression to reference a Slimefun items.
  • [Addon][ItemAdder] New Addon to allow the use Item Expression to reference a ItemAdder items.
  • [Addon][Lands] Now supports deleting all stores in Land when it's deleted.
  • [Addon][List] The command /quickshop list are now presented in a paged format, and you can toggle the paging by appending a number. No more crowding the chat box when there are tons of stores.


  • Added new configuration item,,, to allow you disable some information on shop info panel to avoid too much data crowned your chat.


  • Added delete confirmation for [Remove Shop] button in shop control panel.


  • Improved checking of the best mirror source, which now gains speed and enables correct use of the best mirror source to resolve plugin dependencies. This is a significant improvement for users in mainland China.
    • Multiplexing of libraries cached by the Spigot Libraries Loader (SERVER_ROOT/libraries) is now supported to reduce network requests and traffic consumption.

Refactor / Changes

  • Introduced a new registry system and plan to convert more modules to use this system in the future.
  • The control panel now suggest new /quickshop transferownership instead /quickshop setowner.
  • API to Shop#getRemainingStock and Shop#getRemaingingSpace now supports async call, to retrieve cached data from database.

Bug Fixes

  • EconomyFormatter may use incorrect currency to format the balance.
  • Fix NoClassDefError on some Paper 1.20.2 instances. (hopefully)
  • Fixed the command sounds doesn't work at all
  • Fixed tab-complete doesn't work for non-operator players.
  • Fixed respect-item-flag option doesn't work.


  • [Addon][DiscordSRV] Re-build with DiscordSRV 1.27.0 to fix linked accounts related features.
  • [Addon][DiscordSRV] Fixed messages may send twice for shop owners.


QuickShop-Hikari- MiB) Primary Download
Addon-BlueMap- KiB) Download
Addon-DiscordSRV- KiB) Download
Addon-Discount- KiB) Download
Addon-DisplayControl- KiB) Download
Addon-Dynmap- KiB) Download
Addon-Limited- KiB) Download
Addon-List- KiB) Download
Addon-Plan- KiB) Download
Addon-Reremake-Migrator- KiB) Download
Addon-ShopItemOnly- KiB) Download
Compat-AdvancedRegionMarket- KiB) Download
Compat-AngelChest- KiB) Download
Compat-BentoBox- KiB) Download
Compat-BungeeCord- KiB) Download
Compat-BungeeCord-Geyser- KiB) Download
Compat-ChestProtect- KiB) Download
Compat-Clearlag- KiB) Download
Compat-EcoEnchants- KiB) Download
Compat-EliteMobs- KiB) Download
Compat-GriefPrevention- KiB) Download
Compat-ItemAdder- KiB) Download
Compat-Lands- KiB) Download
Compat-OpenInv- KiB) Download
Compat-PlotSquared- KiB) Download
Compat-Reforges- KiB) Download
Compat-Residence- KiB) Download
Compat-Slimefun- KiB) Download
Compat-SuperiorSkyblock- KiB) Download
Compat-Towny- KiB) Download
Compat-Velocity- KiB) Download
Compat-WorldEdit- KiB) Download
Compat-WorldGuard- KiB) Download

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